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Originally Posted by Live Yáz View Post
Our personal issues aside, I made sure it was spam before giving it to you. As much as I go out of my way to make as ass out of myself, I take my old and new mod positions very seriously. I made sure to ask if it was spam or not and KB told me it was both spam and borderline playing mod. I understand you and I aren't friends, but I wouldn't abuse my position.

And for the record I sign off on all PMs and infractions with either "cheers" or "love and tolerate". Given recent events I can see why you would look at the love and tolerate part as malicious, and for that I apologize, but like I said, we may not like each other, but I would never abuse my power against you.
Then why did you go to a post that was a few days old, had no nasty context, had nothing hateful in it, and was completely non-spam?

You have obviously abused your position, judging from both the comments you've made about me, towards me, ones that I've documented in case you try to delete them to save yourself.

The fact that you went as far as to hunt down that post proves that, even from day one, you're abusing your powers. And it's hilarious that you're trying to seem cordial here when you've told me to "Do us all a favor and kill yourself", how it was "a sad day when you crawled out of the abortion bucket", and how I need to "run headfirst into traffic blindfolded" using a racist term. I don't understand how you using race, abortion, and suicide to insult and demean someone is proper mod behavior, but your past actions have shown what your present actions are doing.

It's biased, it's unfair, and it's going to obviously be handled at higher levels.

And before anyone complains about the things I've said, I don't have the power to have someone kicked off of the boards at a whim. Those who have that kind of power need to wield it properly, or it needs to be taken away.
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