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WWE Acknowledges Network Issues

WWE has acknowledged current issues fans are experiencing when signing up for the WWE Network by posting the following on Facebook:

"Please be patient if you're ordering WWE Network as we're experiencing extremely high demand. Your order will be processed as soon as possible."
Apparently users are having trouble subscribing to the WWE Network at the moment.WWE is working on fixing the problem.I think now that launching it early was a good thing now.Now they don't have to worry about that big embarrassment at 11:05 tonight.I just wanted to let you all know before you try to subscribe to the WWE Network.

Also WWE has sent out the Chris Benoit warning
"The following program is presented in its original form. It may contain some content that does not reflect WWE's corporate views and may not be suitable for viewers. WWE characters are fictitious and do not reflect the personal lives of the actors portraying them. Viewer discretion is advised.

You can block access to this program and others like it using the Parental Control feature in your WWE Network account settings."
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