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Thank goodness for this rule.

When I was in wrestling forum this oversexualized stuff was really annoying.

I love these rules man. They are keeping us safe from indecency and poor taste in imagery.

People should get more creative. I mean seriously. Nude pics on the internet is so passe.

They should get cool sigs like I just did. It ushers in new era of awesome.

But now to the real issues. I kinda hate how everything has turned into this one whole centralized internet. Everything has to be part of Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Wikipedia these days.

Where did our freedoms go? The government is just using all the data they collect on these sites against us. I fear for the future of the net. What happened to the days when we could express ourselves on the net freely and get away with it?

Everything is far too mainstream these days. Centralized Net has become to big to fail. I kinda hate that. Besides internet will never be a moral place to begin with. With all the porn which generates billions in revenue and there will be people saying nasty things while they think they are aninimious..

But now you can get prosecuted over something you said to someone that might not even be serious....they lied to you man#follow the buzzards.

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