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Originally Posted by PRMETFAN View Post
Personally i think TNA is much better than Wwe. TNA is more wrestling based while the "e" is more of a "talking show".

A good example of this is the last TNA match i saw 2 minutes into it people were wrestling and bodies were flying in and out of the ring. As i saw this i though how funny how in the "e" the show starts with Cena or someone else "talking" for 15-20 mins before there is even a match.

Wwe makes biggers shows and has a bigger budget and has better lighting and special effects to make every thing look pretty and it has a longer established history.

But TNA does better wrestling.

Wwe is more for kids and small children while men watch TNA imo
funny i'm a grown man and i watched both so your logic is flawed . now i like both but like it been said before tna is hit and miss more on the miss part then hit but i can get over that my main beef is that ever since they left the nwa to ho out on they're create deapartment has fallen back on useing old grimcks and storylines that has been used by other wrestling companys before them in the past.ok back on topick tc yes you should watch at leacse one show of it now to seen if you like it but if you reaily want to get into it i subjust you limted it to they're haydays with the nwa