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None. If I was the WWE I'd have them continue for The Shield to stay as a group. In reality, all tag-teams burn out, or eventually dissolve into each other's singles careers individually. I keep forgetting however, that The Shield are still very young. Not age wise, but they've only been on the Main Roster since Survivor Series of last year. If the WWE's plan is to eventually push all three into singles competition, I'd say give them another year or so because they're not ready yet for that. Ambrose may be the most mature and seasoned of the 3 but ultimately doesn't mean he'll be the most succesful. Dean Ambrose is very good on the mic and very good in the ring. Most people would agree that as of right now, Ambrose is the guy who could be the best superstar of the group. Roman Reigns is a guy that has the "look" and who has the in-ring tools and moveset to eventually become a bright superstar. His biggest weakness is his mic work which can be improved over time. That leads to Seth Rollins. In my view, Rollins is the least appreciated of the three. Forget what Rollins did in the Indy's because that's not what matters now that he has hit the big leagues. Rollins is capable of producing some quality matches on his own, but is best in tag-teams. He is also, like Dean Ambrose, a decent speaker but not as in depth as Ambrose is. Stables and Factions are a rarity in the WWE these days. As a group, The Shield has been unstoppable. From Orton/Hell No to Cena/Ryback/Sheamus The Shield has been able to work together to get the job done.