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I hate Hardy as champion! He has zero mic skills and zero charisma. He is good at the few high spots that he does, but his matches aren't anywhere near as good as Roode, Aries, Daniels, Styles or anyone of the other top guys that Impact has. I am not a Hardy hater (although I have zero interest in him) I know he sells T-shirst to tween age girls, but does the guy draw any more than Roode, Styles or any of the other Impact Originals? No- he doesn't. Hardy is a product of the WWE machine. He needs that machine to be a huge superstar. That's no knock on him. There are very few guys in the business who are legit drwas without the machine behind them. These days I think that there is only on and that is (dare I say the name) John Cena and maybe CM Punk (who I am sorry to say I can't stand). I would take the belt off of Hardy ASAP and give it to either Roode, Aries or Daniels. For the life of me I cannot understand why they didn't give it to Daniels. The guy is overdue and have more than proved himself asd a guy who can talk, work, is loyal and is MORE than ready. If what Hulk say's is true than Dixie truly hasn't learned a thing in the ten+ years that she has been owner of the company. Former WWE legends do not draw in TNA. Hardy, RVD, Anderson etcetera... none of those guys made a dent. There have only been two guys who made a dent in TNA's ratings. The first is Sting. TNA never scored over a 1.0 until Sting joined the company. The second (this refers to PPV buys) was Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle vs Samoa Joe for the TNA world title was the highest selling TNA PPV ever. I know Hulk Hogan's first apperance drew a 1.6, but the next week it colapsed back down (I believe) to below a 1.0. And it took TNA a year to reagin the fans that they lost due to the Bischoff/ Hogan led TNA. Am I a hulk hater- No. The guy has uses. He should be an ambassador for the brand. Make the press, travel to towns prior to Impacts arrival. Should he be a main attraction the show at this point?! ABSOLUTELY NOT! And neither should Hrady. He ( like Randy Orton) peaked years ago and for guys like them their time on top is (sans a miracle) over.
I was a fan of WCW, NWA, AWA, WCCW and UWF... there was no way in hell I would ever become a fan of the WWE. That company lost it's balls when they got the F out!