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SuburbanLegend is looking to come up from OCW...

If they want this gimmick to work, here's how I'd book it:

Flamboyant as hell, almost over-the-top Goldust-ish tendencies. Plant girls in every crowd that swoon over him and he goes up and kisses etc. Then, at some point during every match, he snaps and goes super brutal with punches and kicks and eye gouges and all that classic heel stuff. He hits his finisher(which I would have as some sort of cutter[maybe a Rock Bottom/Stunner combo]), gets the win and then once he hears the bell, he comes back into the flamboyant dancer. He would do all his promos as the flamboyant one, and if anyone ever brought up the "snaps" he would play it off as he doesn't remember or know what they're talking about.

This also leaves an out later on to say he finally snapped and stayed as that brutal character later on when the ballroom gimmick fades out.

I love fantasy booking.