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Kenneth Fabian is looking to come up from OCW...

I am a sucker for this "Old School" approach, though I do question like many of you why it would occur now, though surely it will be used as a platform to advance programs towards WrestleMania as well as introduce the HOF inductees.

I would love them to go all out... '97 Attitude Era huge TitonTron [if not the New Generation 16-monitor big screen], entering through the neon-lighted small curtain, past the big red RAW sign, down a long path towards the ring, with red, white and blue ropes. Surely the SuperStars interview podium will make a return. Insert promos in the corner during matches, with some promos being cut in front of a green screen. "Mean" Gene Okerlund with a WrestleMania 29 Report. The Fink with the old MSG dropdown microphone for the ring introductions.

Sean Mooney, Bobby Heenan, Brookyln Brawler, Jesse Ventura cameos amongst others...

A tribute video for Lord Alfred Hayes, Yokozuna, Andre, Kerry Von Erich, Owen Hart, Kurt Hennig, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit... that would happen.

It seems almost obvious that Swagger would face Duggan, or Slaughter, but I want Tatanka to return just for the show. His ancestory being of original "pre-American" heritage would make for an interesting parallel.

Any one of the interview segments: The Funeral Parlor, Piper's Pit, Highlight Reel, Snake Pit, Barber Shop, Body Shop.

Please excuse me as I'm lost in nostaligia at the moment.