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Im going to go against the grain here. While yes not having the World Champion on your major tour is a bit *meh*. I firmly believe that TNA should have highlighted the other titles.

Why not have a few huge X Division title matches? Hell X Division tournament, have Douglas Williams go over and win the number one contender ship first week on tour. Second week RVD vs Zema or something, Williams comes in and gives him the Chaos Theory, Final night he wins the belt off RVD - job done. Why the fuck isnt Devon defending that Television Title? The Heavyweight Championship not being there is a chance to accentuate the other titles. Noone wouldve even noticed if the other major belts were shoved in our faces. It was fantastic that the Tag Team belts were defended and changed hands, but that division is a bit all over the shop at the moment.

Dropping the title only for Hardy to regain it in 3 weeks is just rubbish. We all scoff at short title reigns, it cheapens the belt. I am sure we have all said that at some point.