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a member of wwe universe is looking to come up from OCW...a member of wwe universe is looking to come up from OCW...a member of wwe universe is looking to come up from OCW...

I think Damiem sandow might have a chance of becoming something unique and hang out with the top dog in the future. HOWEVER.... i want to get this off my back

But OP i suggest you to change the title of the thread from *star* to credible midcarder. Besides jeff hardy and cm punk, since 2006 who were successful going on becoming a BONaFIDE maineventer? I do not blame the talent entirely as creative definitely had something to do with it. In other word, WWE are struggling to make *STARS" since 2006.

At this moment, ryback, daniel bryan, del rio, sheamus, ziggler are "UPPER Midcarder." When i think of stars, i think of cm punk, cena, and orton.

Take a look at this list. All these gentlemen were once pushed by wwe at high level and some were once praised by iwc as "future" of wwe and the next "star." Now im aware there are political issue that may play a huge factor but that still no excuse.

kofi kingston
ted dibiase
jack swagger
drew mcytre
alex riley
mason ryan
brodus clay
zack ryder
miz - to an extent

*not with wwe anymore*
*john morrison
*vladmir kloslov
*eziekel jackson
*shelton benjamin

if you do the math, since 2006, only 2 stars, well one left. And 5 upper midcarders are produced, well atleast are currenlty with the company. The other 15+ guys are either released, jobbing, or hanging in midcard division. And haters wondering why part timers like rock are "stealing the spotlight"?

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