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I Recall just before Beth Phoenix left, they finally had a televised match between her and Natalya. It was quite good, and the audience was into the match. This is the type of thing the Diva's division needs to be based around. There is female talent, both on the current roster, in NXT and in in the indies. But until the female athletes are allowed to develop personalities, cut promos, and have real meaningful exciting feuds, they majority of the fans will continue to see them as filler. This is not the fault of the women, it is the fault of the WWE. They put next to nothing into the womens division, so how can they expect to get anything out of it? They have trained the audience not to care so they don't. Even the announcers tend to veer off on other topics when there is Diva match on TV. I Give JBL a lot of credit as he really seems to try to get them over, but the when Cole and Lawler are off on some tangent, he is fighting a losing battle. Lots of people have mentioned how many of the Women leave during their time at the top, and that is true, but perhaps its because even whey they are given the top slot, they are disappointed in how the E handles things. So maybe they leave because they are frustrated. Just a thought.... I really hope that can focus on what they want the division to be, hopefully a wrestling one, and work hard towards that. If one of the women got as much air time and promo time as Cena, think of how over she could be... but they never give anyone the chance.