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Originally Posted by ShatteredDreamsProduction View Post

I'm sure you just called teddy long "eye candy" somewhere in that.
Teddy sure is easy on the eye with his flabby bald head and manly moustache...

In all seriousness i can see why you read it like that but i meant in a role similar to what teddy long does now, as a personal aid or assistant to someone.

Paige is 20 years old, she's 21 this year sometime. Now i dont know if the WWE's policy has changed but lets not forget Rene Dupree made his debut when he was 19 back in 2003.

My thought is they dont really care too much and if they would care they would keep Beth Phoenix, Kharma, Melina or even Maryse and Michelle Mccool and most recently Eve. All they tried to build over the course of years either released or left and no wonder that the Divas Division is at such poor shape. Raquel Diaz(daughter od Eddie and Vickie Guerrero) had potential and she personally requested to be released.
Melina was nothing special and apparently caused trouble backstage. No matter how good someone is, if you bitch and moan backstage you go nowhere.

Maryse was never there long term. Be honest none of the models that come in are. Thats the problem WWE has. Even Trish Stratus. They use WWE to launch their own careers and get their name out there. Thats all.

Kharma (apparently) ballooned extremely and was very out of shape, and the WWE released her in the hope she could get back in shape and sort herself back out. Sad really but it does happen a fair bit when women lose their children.

Raquel Diaz will be back sometime according to reports. Apparently she was just burned out with the constant training over the past 2 years and needs a rest. But thats if you trust WZ and other sites like it.