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RicSpade is looking to come up from OCW...RicSpade is looking to come up from OCW...RicSpade is looking to come up from OCW...RicSpade is looking to come up from OCW...

I don't think necessarily its that they need to fund money for farming territories to put on TV, but there are about 30-40 indy places with shows already that are syndicated I could see WWE reaching out to them as a "hey will give your show TV time, but in return any guy shown on the WWE network has to agree that WWE gets first dibs out of ROH and TNA" sort of thing, but honestly look at HBO its the same crappy 20 movies each month. WWE has all the purposed shows like Legends house, They can show reruns of old WWF Superstars, Confidential, OVW footage from before it became a TNA farming location, FCW footage, Tough Enough, Legends Roundtable, Every documentary they ever put on DVD, WCW, ECW, Stampede, AWA, WCCW, and even the C-List Movies they have produced.

To keep things fresh and new I say its a good idea, but in reality the WWE probably has about 20 years of footage if they spread it out correctly where they can show Monday Nitro and WWE Raw from the beginning every monday one episiode a week, Thunder and Smackdown same thing, show Superstars, WWF Main Event, Shotgun Saturday Night, WCW Saturday, Recap Shows, ECW, Old PPV's if you designate possibly 10-15 of these a week, you aren't even beginning to break the WWE ice.
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