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Originally Posted by d_henderson1810 View Post
It is the same with WWE. Face it, most of you would not have watched WWE during the "Attitude Era" if you hadn't got hooked on it in the "Hulkamania" era, so getting you hooked as kids had you watch years later, just like it will the kids of today. WWE's future depends on it.

There is so much wrong in your post I don't have time to cover it all but I did want to touch on this.

Hulk Hogan was before my time, the first time I EVER say him wrestle was when he came back to WWE with the NWO. I still watched the Attitude Era, and I have been watching wrestling ever sense.

What got me hooked? Stone Cold, The Rock, E&C/Dudleys/Hardys, Chris Jericho, The Undertaker and all of these guys taking part in some damn good stories that felt believable, like something normal guys would do. Normal guys are not going to run over Santa with a car or do a stupid "FOR SANTA" BS like Cena did last night. It's silly and really didn't appeal to anyone under the age of 5, and for the record my 7 and 5 year old nephews both watched it and commented on how stupid it is.

Child friendly product doesn't mean it has to be stupid, corny, and foolish. Children believe it or not still need a reasonable story that can make some sense not a grown adult acting like he's on some crusade because a guy in a santa costume got keyfabe hit with a car, and yes my nephews know, and understand, wrestling is scripted even at their age.

The issue is right now is that so many WWE superstars are acting in ways that simply don't make sense for their characters. Why isn't a "mexian aristocrat" who is suppose to be rich as hell not dropping money paying off for wins, protection, and really being a heelistic jackass? Why isn't the guy pegged as a "Celtic Warrior" that "loves to fight" being the brutal punishing no non-sense ass kicker he was suppose to be? I could go on but right now so many characters are being held back for various reasons, including but not limited to the PG programing.

Targeting the children is fine, if you do it right more power to ya, the problem is WWE has shown a complete and total lack of understanding in how to do it in the current generation and that is what is pissing us off.