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I can't stand those who complain about the current WWE.

People bag WWE because it appeals to "children". So? I think it is good that it appeals to children, and so should you, and here are three reasons why:-

1) They are the future fans of the WWE. Everyone knows that if you want to get people hooked on something, you target the children. Cigarette companies, McDonald's and the Nazis did that. If you offer the children a family friendly product now, they will be more likely to stick with it, and keep WWE in business. Don't you people want WWE to keep going? You won't always follow it, (especially if you like some of the morons saying that they won't watch WWE again....until next week).

(Off-topic, the mentality of many wrestling fans threatening to quit is like this. I find it funny when someone will review a PPV, and say "I wasn't going to pay to see another WWE PPV, but I just happened to be on in a bar I walked past, and I just happened to walk into that bar, and it just happened to be on the TV, so I watched it. But I won't watch it again....), and then the next month they just happen to see it again. LOL!)

Here's an example of converting the young to watch edgier content later. I am a fan of Batman, the superhero. Now, when I was a kid, I was introduced to it by seeing the corny 60's TV series. This then got me interested, and when the films came out, I saw all of them (even "Batman & Robin", unfortunately). But if I hadn't being introduced to the lighter product (the cheesy TV series), then I may not have seen the movies either.

It is the same with WWE. Face it, most of you would not have watched WWE during the "Attitude Era" if you hadn't got hooked on it in the "Hulkamania" era, so getting you hooked as kids had you watch years later, just like it will the kids of today. WWE's future depends on it.

2) It's good business- I remember when I went to see the "A-Team" movie at the cinemas, I later heard that it was beaten at the box-office by "The Karate Kid", a remake of the 80's film (this one had Will Smith's son in it). Then there was a discussion on message boards about why, and someone pointed out something.'

Kids' movies always do good business, because you sell twice, maybe three times the amount of tickets. It works like this:- A child wants to see a film, but he can't drive, and doesn't have any money. So his parent has to take him, automatically meaning the sale of TWO tickets, not just one (a parent and a child). If another child or another parent comes, it increases the tickets sales accordingly.

I recently went to a WWE show, and I see heaps of children wearing John Cena hats, armbands and T-shirts (so that is three items per child, you do the maths). Imagine how many tickets WWE sell by appealing to children, plus merchandise. At this show I attended, a blank piece of paper with Cena and Punk's signature sold for $80-90 dollars. The guy in front of me bought his three kids one EACH! That is at least $240 spent on just three scraps of paper. With suckers like that, why wouldn't WWE milk it?

3. It is something you can do with your kids. You should welcome PG era WWE, because your children can watch it and enjoy it also. They would have loved the Christmas episode, and would even like some of the other things too (like Hornswoggle). You should applaud this, as it can have you bond with your children over your love of wrestling. When they are old enough, whip out your tapes of the "Attitude Era" when they are old enough to not be as influenced by it (or a new "Attitude Era" may have come their way by then). You shouldn't want your children exposed to "Attitude Era" programming when they are too young for it. If you do, why not just have them watch violent films, porn movies and play violent video games, all while they drink a beer? If you want your children to have a good role model, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin or the Rock aren't it. John Cena is (however, parents should be their children's true role models, but that is another argument). If you want your children to defy you, not obey you, swear and curse and treat women badly, then introduce little Jimmy or Jenny to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, to warp their values.

So, in the end, wrestling is about kids now. WWE knows the "Attitude" fans of yesteryear will more likely spend money on college tuition, marriage, children and mortgage than on PPV's and tickets, so they now focus on the young, who need their parents to pay for them. Christmas episodes cater to this,and the IWC needs to deal with it.