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Royal Rumble: Definitely Ryback. With Punk,Cena, Rock, Brock and Taker taking up the main event spots for Mania, Ryback needs something to do if he is to relevant around Mania season. I'd have him win the Rumble and go on to face Show at Mania, getting his first ever World Title. I know this leaves out Sheamus, but he can face Ziggler at Mania. Hell I wouldn't mind if Ziggler cashed in his MITB on Ryback at Wrestlemania.

MITB: For MITB like everyone else I would go with Barrett. He needs something like the MITB to propel him into the Main Event, as he is being poorly used right now. I would have him go for the World Heavyweight Title, as he is more suited to Smackdowns main event scene, as Punk will most likely be on top on RAW for a while longer. If they once again elect to have two briefcases, then my second choice would be Christian. I know he is getting old and has already had a brief reign as Champion, but dammit Christian deserves one more match! For all he has done in the WWE they still havn't trusted him with the main event. I think that he should at least get a one month thank you reign as WWE champion and the best way for him to get there is through the Money In The Bank. Plus Christian and Punk could put on some killer matches.

King Of The Ring: If WWE even decide to hold the KOTR tournament, I think there are 3 people who would do well to win it. Those three are Cesaro, Rhodes and Sandow. All of them play a cocky heel type character in some form, and they all could use the push of being the KOTR. They don't need to be rewarded with a title shot, just have it in the fans mind that this guy was able to beat 3 competitors in one night. This could result in any of them being slowly pushed and put in high profile feuds.
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