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Originally Posted by Ruthless-RKO View Post
He never should have been hotshotted into a feud with Punk. He could have instead chased the World Heavyweight Championship. Big Show seems like a good opponent for him.
Going for the WHC would be great for him & Big Show would be the perfect person to put him over, an established veteran and to see Ryback do the Shell Shocker on Big Show would be a crazy sight to see. But to be honest all Ryback would have gained through chasing the WHC would be, the idiots who complain about the product and nothing new, having something else to compare him to Goldberg with just like you are right now. You are just like everyone else and cannot let Goldberg and Ryback be two different characters. You just like everyone else are no longer even qualified to touch on the subject because your opinion is so ignorant and pointless just like what I'm saying right now is, because despite what I say you will continue to compare Ryback to Goldberg and that is truly disgusting that in 6 days we will be in 2013 and you cannot let new things happen without comparing it to something old and washed up.