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R.K.O is looking to come up from OCW...R.K.O is looking to come up from OCW...

Royal Rumble: Ryback winning and challenging Big Show at Wrestlemania for the title. No other stars need to win this more than Ryback to save whatever momentum he has left. The PPV itself is the biggest PPV behind Wrestlemania and always drew solid buyrates so I don't think any changes is needed. 30 men or 40 men doesn't really make much differences too so either way is fine.

Money in the Bank: Depending on whether they keep the previous champion rule for the WWE title briefcase. For the WHC contract I would certainly give it to Cody Rhodes as he and Ziggler were the two prime candidates to win the MITB. For the WWE contract if the previous world champion rule still exist I would give it to Christian as I would like to see him get a solid reign that last more than a month as a fan. If the rule is gone then probably Wade Barrett as he was scheduled to win the contract and he certainly is a main event talent as shown during his leadership of Nexus. I would keep MITB as it's own PPV as it has been solid for the past few years with memorable moments which is of course the CM Punk pipe bomb.

King of the ring: Firstly I would do away the stupid king gimmick as it does not do the wrestler any good and devalues the competition. When you win the KOTR it's like you're king so what? I would personally put the PPV before Summerslam replacing that stupid Over the Limit PPV and give the winner a title shot at SS. For the winner, depending on how he does at 2013 my first choice would be Antonio Cesaro as he would fit very well as KOTR. If not, if Wade Barrett doesn't win the MITB he would be the next choice. Lastly, I would go for an underdog victory in the mold of someone like Kofi Kingston or Zack Ryder, if done right like Rey winning the Rumble it could be their breakthrough moment to the main event.
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