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Royal Rumble should stay as it is; 30 men is fine and the shot at wrestlemania for either title is fine too. I would, however, do away with or move the elimiation chamber PPV as I feel this just gets in the way and takes the shine off the road to Wrestlemania As for the winner, I think it'll be somebody like Ryback, wouldn't rule out Undertaker or Cena though, obviously it depends on what happens with Punk vs Rock. i'd like to see Punk get a win and challenge for WHC in a possible unification match (yes I said it: there should only be ONE main champion) but hey. I wouldn't have Ziggler as the WHC at the time though. i like him but he's just not high profile enough for a Unification match at Mania yet for me.

Money In The Bank: I personally think WWE has too many PPVs but this is one I'd keep. I would however, only have one briefcase for a shot at any title. Winner in 2013? I'd say Kofi or if the Shield are flying then whoever is most over with them. John Morrison if he's back would be good too.

King of the Ring! I miss this as an annual event, please bring it back and yes stop the whole cape and robe crap. Make it what we love it for: a show of endurance where somebody competes in 3 matches in one night to emerge victorious. A possible way to give meaning is make it the Royal Rumble to Summerslam. Whoever wins can challenge for any title at Summerslam. Winner: Daniel Bryan (I see him having a big year in 2013)

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