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Originally Posted by silrock316 View Post
First: I have said it before and I will say it again. I am SICK of the comparsions of Ryback and Goldberg. Outside of his bald head, they are NOTHING ALIKE.
I think it is funny when fans get mad with the Ryback and Goldberg comparisons. I do agree though. They aren't the same: Goldberg had a little skill and legit strength. It's ironic too, though. Ryback himself has acknowledged the Goldberg similarities in interviews. The fact is Ryback has done anything of importance to set himself apart from these comparisons. At least Goldberg had a marketable character and unique intangible about him that made you sit up and take notice. So far, Ryback hasn't been able to do that.

The way WWE books Ryback is NOTHING like what they did with Goldberg. I mean just let it go with the Goldberg stuff.
Again, I gotta agree. Goldberg's opponents were random notches in his belt for the streak. So it somewhat made sense when Goldberg faced these guys. Ryback's opponents are random and not in a good way. Some of these opponents have had little to zero build to their matches with Ryback and the matches are absolutely horrific. I haven't seen this level of greenness or lack of strength in quite some time. Definetely not enough to justify the massive push that Ryback gets.

Now for the sake of answering your question:

I don't think Ryback needs a "DDP" type of fued. He isn't even built the same as Goldberg so a match against Bryan is not going to live up to your expectations. However I agree a match with Big Show would be nice. As a matter of fact, Big Show would be the fued you are looking for. Ryback would surely not dominate Big Show and it would show a different side of Ryback that you are looking for I think. Wrestling is not the same as it was before. I dont think we are ever gonna look back at this ERA of wrestling and think of any fueds the way we do looking back at Austin/Rock, Austin/HHH, or back even farther with Savage/Steamboat. Wrestling is just not written the same as it use to and I just don't see Ryback being as HUGE as any of the aforementioned wrestlers were.

My advice to you is to just stop over thinking things and just enjoy what is in front of you. As for most of the IWC, they aren't enjoying wrestling anymore because they out think themselves and think they know more about wrestling than others. Don't do that and just enjoy Ryback while he isnt stale.

I know I am.
People do tend to overthink things. I don't believe that Goldberg and Ryback have as much in common as most seem to think. Goldberg had legit build, a standout character, and good booking. Not to mention that he had actual talent. Was Goldberg a technician? Hardly. But when WCW portrayed Goldberg as a powerhouse, it was legit. You didn't see Bill Goldberg dropping people the size of Paul Heyman or botching his finish. Quite the contrary, Goldberg was jackhammering guys like The Giant[Big Show] and Hugh Morris[Demott]. That is legit strength. That is a real monster and power wrestler. In short, that is why these comparisons have no merit. Goldberg was the real deal and Ryback is not.

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