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tvcolosi is looking to come up from OCW...tvcolosi is looking to come up from OCW...tvcolosi is looking to come up from OCW...

[quote=Jack-Hammer;4264179] In the case of Ryback, he has a strike against him that a lot of internet smarks simply won't overlook in this day and age: he's a powerhouse wrestler. A lot of smarks think that you can't wrestle if you're someone that's between the 250 and 300 pound mark. After all, guys that size aren't doing suicide dives or hurricanranas or springboard moonsaults over the top rope, etc. which I guess is supposed to mean that guys like Ryback don't know how to be pro wrestlers. QUOTE]

I totally agree.. 15 highspots is not a wrestling match, look at the best matches in the last 5 years. Punk/Cena MiTB, Taker/HBK 1 & 2, Punk/Bryan. 2-3 well placed highspots and a great story being told. Back on topic..

The guy that they need too get him over IMO is the Undertaker... He got Brock completly over, he got Punk over, he got Cena over and that all after he was 35. I am sure there are dozens others. I would say any PPV but mania... but, I've always thought if someone beats Taker at Mania it should be someone on their way up.

Not to hijack the thread but, am I the only one that thinks Ryback might be a better heel?
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