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I agree he should never ave been pushed into the WWE title picture. Punk's lpng reign is the story there not the rise of Ryback and he gets lost in that a little. However, I like him vs The Shield. Even with the loss at TLC he still looked strong and I liked the end where the wounded monster couldn't get there to save Bryan from being powerbombed through the table. I don't see it having much longevity as The Shield now have so many enemies so a feud leading to DDP style match would be a good way for him to go. They got over the mistake of a quick push quite well. Losing I think has helped rather than weakened him. however, he now needs a PPV win soon. Possible opponents for a good match? there are a few candidates. Daniel Bryan yes but Randy Orton could also be a good shout. May not be as technically sound but his style is such that it could give that match for him. My pick though would be Y2J.