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I always found Wrestlemania 4 very well executed. Looking back though, it's clear that some of the matches could have been better/longer. Perhaps only the best of the best should have participated with an opening round battle royal for the Dino Bravos and Butch Reeds. There seemed to be quite a bit of filler and pointless matches that took away from the competitive level of the tournament. This is who I'd have facing each other first round.

1 Hulk Hogan
8 Andre the Giant

Andre being 8th seed would seem fishy and winning by reverse decision DQ would lead fans to believe that Dibiase paid off the ref. Again.

2 Honky Tonk Man IC Champ
7 Ultimate Warrior

Warrior wins this non title match in less than a minute. He is ranked so low because he was fairly new. Two high card upsets.

3 Jake The Snake Roberts
6 Bad News Brown

Snake wins and is highest seed in conference 1

4 Don Muraco
5 One Man Gang

Gang wins and goes on to face Warrior.

1 Randy Savage
8 Bret Hart

Hitman takes Savage the distance in a classic first round match. Hart makes a face turn in one of his first big profile singles matches.

2 Ricky Steamboat
7 Greg Valentine

Steamboat beats Valentine and not the other way around.

3 Ted Dibiase
6 Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Dibiase makes quick work of Duggan.

4 Rick Rude
5 Brutus Beefcake

Rude beats Beefcake.

So in conference A, second round, Andre beats Jake Roberts. Warrior beats One Man Gang. In conference B, second round, Savage beats Rick Rude, Dibiase beats Steamboat. This way you have super face Savage vs super heel Dibiase in the semi final. If this happened today instead, the match to go with would definitely be Savage vs Steamboat 2. This time with Savage beating Steamboat as Steamboat was on his way out of the company. Andre would beat Warrior in the semi final after Warrior fails to slam Andre in conference B. Then you'd have the company's biggest heel, backed by Dibiase and all his money, against WWE's last chance to stop Andre: Savage. He'd have the Hogan fans behind him. This is the 'real' David vs Goliath match and the route WWE should have gone down. No one could think little Savage could beat Andre. He had a better chance against Hogan. Andre was way too big and nasty and barely anyone besides Hogan had beat Andre. This is how Savage gets super over. Could you imagine how big the moment would be if it was Andre Savage hit with that flying elbow. Savage would have definitely given Andre the match of his life. Savage would wrestle absolute classics with Hart, Rude and Steamboat (or Dibiase) leading up to this. Although it wouldn't be a wrestling clinic, Savage could sell it so well and Andre was the most over heel pretty much ever. This would have built Savage up 'big' enough to be on Hogan's level. And Savage deserved it. Andre's career was ending and he ended up throwing a series of matches in under a minute to the Warrior all over the country a little more than a year later. This was a way Andre could have passed the torch as Hogan was nowhere near ready to let anyone beat him cleanly yet.

Anyway this is what would have made WM4 more entertaining for me. I was a huge Savage mark and it was this WM that hooked me as a wrestling fan forever. As over as Dibiase was as a heel, I always thought it should have been Andre in the main event instead. He would have made that final match that much bigger and special.

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