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RicSpade is looking to come up from OCW...RicSpade is looking to come up from OCW...RicSpade is looking to come up from OCW...RicSpade is looking to come up from OCW...

Personally I think its that TV time limits what you can do with a Ryback even though the shows are 3 hours long, there jamming too much in those three hours and not giving time to develop stars. I remember Zack Ryder had a 20 minute match with Christian on ECW and it was arguably the best of his career, but when you go to a Raw or Smackdown! show they give mid-card guys like 10 minutes tops. Now lets go to Superstars, your main eventers potentially get 10-15 minutes to pull off a good match Orton/Barrett, and Cena/Ziggler are great examples of this. Now why this is important is simple. Ryback is a main eventer for sure, but is only getting mid-carder time and I think this is why he doesn't seem developed and why Goldberg chants keep happening, but look when he takes on a CM Punk or Shield or Del Rio or Ziggler, he can put on a 4 star match with his smash mouth style. and has shown he can be versatile he has a submission arsenal.

Now does he need a DDP, maybe showing he can hang with guys who are Submission artists, or versatile like a Randy Orton will help sure, but mainly he needs real TV time to show what he can do. Once he gets TV time with the right opponents then and only then will nay sayers give him some credibility. Just Remember one thing Cena never was taken serious until he had caliber matches with Triple H, Angle, and HBK.
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