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Steve-O-Matt is looking to come up from OCW...Steve-O-Matt is looking to come up from OCW...Steve-O-Matt is looking to come up from OCW...

If this was two years ago, I'd totally go for Sheamus and Drew, they actually already had a fan name, 'The Celtic Connection'. But sadly Drew hasn't progressed what-so-ever and Sheamus is one of the corner stones of the WWE at the moment, so there's no real connection left any more.

I also don't like the ideas of pairing people up just because they both come from the same area. I'd much rather have a mix-mash of different wrestlers. I also don't like ethnic gimmicks which they are BOUND to have. They just seem racially insensitive. The sooner WWE stops using 'foreigner' gimmicks the better.

And David Otunga? HEEEEELL NO!

No my contributions might be a little different. I think there are plenty of tag teams at the moment and I hate the fact that every new one they debut automatically become number one contenders after one match.

"What's that, they're in experienced as a tag team... Let's strap them!"

My teams:

Brodus Clay and Percy Watson, the Brothers of Funk. Because I REALLY want Percy to move up, he's been busting his hump for ages.

Brad Maddox and Tensai, classic muscle and voice pairing. Definitely unlikely, but they can have some funny backstage moments.

Conner O'Brian and anyone, mainly because he was finally on his way to the big show and his partner messed it up for him, it just doesn't seem fair...