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Regardless of whether anyone personally likes or dislikes Christian York's aesthetic appeal, he seems to be poised for a TNA World Championship run in the next few years. He has erupted since his brief second stint began and he's become a fan favorite practically overnight. York may not be a ratings juggernaut or a master talker, but everything he has done so far has connected with people and brought a bit more acclaim to the promotion and in a time when such proven commodities as Rob Van Dam, Mr Anderson, Devon and Sting are failing to bolster fan support of the company, it seems Christian York has made great strides in accomplishing that goal and on a smaller salary than many in the company (unless of course York got lucky and is the rare undercard talent to be paid a tremendous price).

When the time comes, I'd give Christian York the chance to win the Bound For Glory Series and furthermore the aforementioned Championship at Bound For Glory. After a month of York as Champion, you can give the title to Bobby Roode as a way to bait fans in for York's rightful title chase while giving the World Title to a proven draw in Roode.

Christian York will be good for business and will be a great, if momentary, TNA World Champion and I hope it comes to pass that Christian York has his night in the spotlight.

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