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Default Your Favourite Survivor Series match

Survivor Series is one of the 'Big 4' ppv's in the WWE and has enjoyed a long run spanning 20+ years and still going on. The main attraction for the ppv has been the Team matches, usually being 5-on-5 matches, which always creates intresting situations.

The 1st match of this kind, which I saw was Team Austin vs. Team Bischoff, and it was my favourite because of HBK's performance and Austin's emotional exit.

But the SD vs. Raw match in 2005 surpassed this match in terms of excitement.

It was Batista, Mysterio, JBL, Lashley and Orton vs. HBK, Kane, Bigshow, Carlito and Masters.

Smackdown won with Orton being the sole survivor for the 3rd straight year. There were some great moments in the match such as;
Lashley-Masters face off
Bigshow's elimination which took combined efforts of mysterio, JBL and orton
HBK's performance
And finally, Undertaker's return

I've seen this match several times and it just never gets boring

What are your favourite Survivor series 'Team on Team' matches??
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