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Originally Posted by D-Man View Post
Why would that be so bad? They interfered in his match and he's a monster. It took all three guys to keep Ryback down. It's only right that they get completely and utterly destroyed tonight on Raw. This way, they can begin a program in the top tier of Raw's programming and start to "pay dues" just like every other guy had to.

You guys all crack me up. You think the only way to get someone over is to have them make an impact and then become undefeated for the next five years. Guys, wrestlers have to lose sometimes. Other times, they have to lose BADLY. That doesn't completely put them out of the picture forever. Just look at Daniel Bryan... or the Miz... or Dolph Ziggler. They all went through it. Hell, Daniel Bryan was looked at as being "hopeless" for the longest time. They he won MITB and the rest is history.

You guys need to get that stupid shit out of your head that makes you think these guys need to win tonight. Let nature take its course. They may not be main eventers RIGHT NOW but, once their dues is paid, they'll move up soon enough. It may not be in a month, 6 months, or a year but it will happen.

You see there is this thing called momentum. It can make a talentless hack who has no business being in the ring seem awesome to casual fans, see Ryback, but when squandered it can also make people stop caring and result in and entire push becoming a waste, see Ryback.

Frankly Ryback has been a picture perfect example of this. He was originally Skip Shefield(sp?) in the Nexus went no where and no body cared frankly because he sucks. Then he got repackaged as Ryback, still continued to suck, but was given a huge push allowed to win a ton and create some buzz. Then he loses to Punk, and last night after Survivor Series he tries to lead a feed me more chant and I'm pretty sure I heard crickets cherping. Momentum means something and right now these 3 have it, but if WWE jobs them out to quickly they will lose it and the angle will die.

The NWO in WCW didn't become big because they invaded and then lost matches. It became huge because they invaded, got huge momentum, and then they where pushed to dominate the hell out of WCW and be seen as unstoppable, only really showing weakness against Sting who was being built as the savior, until the angle ran it's course with Sting coming back at Starcade. The momentum being used correctly allowed for the NWO to transend genera and become main stream. I'm not saying that will happen with these guys but to ignore the potential that momentum has so much so that you think it doesn't matter is simply ignorant.