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DethMetal is looking to come up from OCW...DethMetal is looking to come up from OCW...DethMetal is looking to come up from OCW...

It would be interesting and fun to see, but no dice. Brock Lesnar's not there enough to work substantial programs with those gentlemen, much less have a gimmick match that we would barely see. I like the idea, and it would fit with Brock's MMA shoot style of fighting that he uses now, but if he's not going to be there to bring attention to the match, then don't bother. Maybe if he resigns after Wrestlemania and has a contract with more obliged dates to appears, but not now, at least. Besides, I kinda like Lesnar bringing his UFC style of fighting to the ring (ex. how he didn't really wrestle during his matches with Cena and Triple H, despite them being wrestling matches).

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