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akathelaw is looking to come up from OCW...akathelaw is looking to come up from OCW...akathelaw is looking to come up from OCW...akathelaw is looking to come up from OCW...akathelaw is looking to come up from OCW...

The Slammys have really failed to matter in WWE, and I blame the inconsistency of the award. It's not given every year, the categories change with the wind, and the value of the title "Slammy Winner" hasn't done anything for anyone yet. If WWE dropped it, nobody would miss it. I'd like the concept to stick around with less awards, a better annual placement and permanent categories.

I love the concept of Night of Champions, and I wish WWE would make that show a bigger deal every year. I'd switch the dates of NoC with the TLC ppv so Night of Champions would be the last PPV of the year, in December. I would love it if the Slammys became part of Night of Champions with the awards being given between matches. I would have fans choose the winners by vote, as incentive to order the PPV.

Here's some category ideas and why I'd think they'd matter to fans:

Most Hated - This Slammy is for the best bad guy, villain or "heel" in the business. It could go to a wrestler or any on-air talent that the fans want to award it to. Potential winners for 2012 would be Heath Slater, Vickie Guerrero, Michael Cole, or Alberto Del Rio.

Innovator of the Year - This award can go to any wrestler who pushed the boundaries of the sport, whether it was with an exciting new promo style, a move no one has seen before, or other "evolution" of sports entertainmment. Possible 2012 winners could be Dolph Ziggler, Zack Ryder, Justin Gabriel or Kofi Kingston.

Most Influential - This award would go to whoever caused much of the drama of the past year. It's a way to award someone who may not have had wins and losses but drove storylines, got fan reaction and generally got a lot of attention. Possible 2012 winners would be AJ Lee, Paul Heyman, Mick Foley or Booker T.

Tag Team of the Year - This only works if WWE continues to focus on the Tag team division. Ideally only the BEST tag teams would hold this Slammy so it would build some prestige over the years. Hopefully it would create competition to get noticed as a tag team in WWE. Possible 2012 Winners include Prime Time Players, Team Hell No!, Rhodes Scholars and Truth/Kofi

Wrestler of the Year - I'm sure Vince would prefer "Superstar of the Year" but that's why this is my list and not his, hehe. This Slammy is to recognize the best overall WWE Superstar of the year. Basically it's what Vince would give to Cena every year, but the fans get to choose who they feel was the best wrestler of the last 12 months. Possible 2012 Winners include John Cena, Ryback, CM Punk and Randy Orton.