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Azane is looking to come up from OCW...Azane is looking to come up from OCW...Azane is looking to come up from OCW...Azane is looking to come up from OCW...Azane is looking to come up from OCW...

In the ratings game, Smackdown is doing well, and for being on the channel and timing, it's doing extremely well.

But as to personal feelings, It has killed Smackdown for me. I haven't watched a single Smackdown since they made Raw a supershow, I've just really lost interest as Smackdown feels like Sunday Night Heat now. Nothing important to the story happens there, and I'm not missing anything major by ignoring Smackdown. It feels like it's a waste of 2 hours with the current way the product has gone.

As much as I hated the brand split, it was much more necessary and I can see it clearly, now that the split has been blurred. Without major championship decisions and overall storyline progression being a main selling point of Smackdown, it's felt much less interesting. It's similar to why I stopped watching it a few years ago, when they showed the RAW Rewind 8 times a night, and I got more Smackdown on my Raw.

3 Hour Raws have been hit or miss for me, as sometimes they can fill those 3 hours, but that extra hour does hold my rationalization back from watching both products, I rarely watched WWE-ECW/NXT for similar reasons, as I know my limits of overdosing on wrestling that turn me off the product no matter how good (although I could watch RAW, Nitro, Thunder and Heat all together when I was younger).

I think it's fine though, as WWE pushes RAW more than Smackdown, it's not hurting Smackdown's overall appeal, and RAW is flourishing in my view, now.

As someone touched on too, Smackdown has always been a bit lighter on me, because I can't avoid spoilers no matter how careful I am. When Swagger took the title off Y2J a few years back, it made me watch a youtube video of that moment, but I felt the entire show was a wash out without paying attention, live Smackdowns use to appease me, but they don't save any surprises for them like they used to, it just conveniences their schedule. RAW still has the "anything can happen" feel every now and then.

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