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Originally Posted by AttitudeChild View Post
Monday Night Raw is basically just SmackDown right now. Besides the CM Punk, John Cena and Brad Maddox stuff everything else is a SmackDown storyline. Team Rhodes Scholars, PTP, Rey & Cara, Team Hell, 3MB and all the other tag teams are made up of SmackDown Superstars. The Intercontinental title is a SmackDown championship and the US title is held by a SmackDown Superstar. The Divas title storyline belongs to SmackDown(As well do most of the Divas). Orton, Berrate, Sheamus, Show and Del Rio? I mean come on. If anything, Raw isn't killing SmackDown, SmackDown is saving Raw.
Actuually, the two midcard belts "switched" shows. The Intercontinental Title is the RAW midcard title now, and the U.S. Title was given to SmackDown's Cesaro to make up for giving the IC Title to Miz. But other than that, you're right. Most of the roster is technically on SmackDown.

Honestly I think that at this point they should just restructure the brands, and give up on the idea that they are any bit equal. I think that all of the high tier guys like Orton, Sheamus, etc. SHOULD be officially drafted to RAW, and all of the midcarders like Ryder, Santino, etc. should be officially drafted to SmackDown.

Let RAW be the flag ship show with all the high tier guys. And instead of pretending that SmackDown is RAW's "sister show" let SmackDown be the show where the midcarders are allowed to shine and get over with the fans, with 1 or 2 big names randomly showing up for a marquee match for the sake of ratings/ticket sales. Basically make it a combination of Superstars' and Main Event's concepts.