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Default Want to be a recognizable poster on WZ?

I routinely run through threads in the wrestling forums of Wrestlezone, and I see some very interesting and thought-provoking posts. The problem is, very few of them I recognize the poster behind them. So I got to thinking about ways to make yourself recognizable to others. Here are some suggestions, provided by one of the most recognizable members of the forum, and a many year veteran of message boards.

1) Signature Banner - A good signature banner is one of the easiest ways to be recognized. If you have a signature banner that is original and of good quality, then you will trigger automatic recognition from others from your posts. The easiest way to start getting yourself over is a unique signature banner.

2) Use an Avatar - I realize that Avatar options are limited, but, at first, find an avatar that you can cling to for a while. Whether it's right or not, posters tend to ignore posters who don't use an Avatar...for whatever reason, posters without Avatars are not taken as seriously. Until you build up a reputation for yourself, find an avatar that people can use to recognize you, and stick with it for a while.

3) Find something you are good at, and hammer it. For example, when I first got to WZ, I was known as the "Cena Defender", the guy who would find every Cena thread, and take on all people who said he sucked as a wrestler. That is how I first made my name. Find something that you know a lot about, have strong opinions about, and really go at it.

3a) If you aren't confident in any knowledge you have, adopt a gimmick. For example, Eternal Dragon ends all of her posts with "Flames Out", or something like that. Find something you can use that people will recognize you for. Don't pick a stupid gimmick though...people will red rep you to hell, and then you'll have a bad reputation. Another example would be my gimmick as a "Cena Defender" or as "The Tireless Debater". Find something you can hang your hat on, or find a gimmick that will make you stand out.

4) Use proper punctuation and capitalization, and don't butcher grammar and spelling. If you can write properly, the chances of people taking you seriously go up substantially.

5) Don't spam - Spammers don't last long, and even if you are knowledgeable, you can find yourself with a bad reputation early.

6) If you have a good sense of Internet humor, visit the Bar Room. People who are funny in the Bar Room find themselves with a good reputation early. If you don't have a good sense of humor, like Klunkerbunker for example, then just make your name with quality posts in the wrestling forums. People will take note.

7) Put time into you posts. People who just write the first thing that comes to mind, and don't put thought into their posts are just wasting your time. Craft your posts, and make sure you can support what you are saying. Put time into your posts, and there's never been a post that has been considered bad because it was too long. Put time into your posts.

These are all I can think of at the moment. As an Administrator and a "respected" member of the forum, I provide this tutorial in order to help the newer posters on the forum to make a name for themselves. If you have any questions, feel free to PM Klunker. Thanks.