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Bernkastel 02-28-2018 04:23 PM

The new WZCW power rankings - "The Splendid Seven"
WZCW.com hasn't ran these in a while, and I thought it might be time to revive them, with the Lethal Lottery cycle coming to a close, and the Kingdom Come one starting soon. In the past, this award provided wrestlers with a mirror that reflected validation for their hard work. An ego booster that fostered bragging rights and a sense of self worth. It's quite an accomplishment to make this list.

WZCW.com plans to release this award at the end of every PPV cycle, and if you ask yourself "Well, how do I qualify?" Win your matches. Perform well. The best wrestlers in the company at the end of each cycle are reflected here, so if you want to prove you're one of the best. Make this list.

Any questions should be directed towards the Ask a Creative thread in the backstage section. Feel free to discuss these rankings backstage, or on the Discord server. This thread should be for new entries only.

Without further ado, here are our power rankings heading into the Lethal Lottery...

WZCW - The Splendid Seven


Titus had an incredible run during the Unscripted cycle. He defended the Eurasian championship at both MD 144 against Anthony Mancini, and again against Mark Keaton and Xander Lebelle in a tag team match at Unscripted. Since then, the Eurasian champ's luck on the mat has not been great. The only win that he's had this cycle has been against The Beard at AS 125. With contenders piling up, Titus faces his hardest task yet. At Lethal Lottery, the Hall of Famer must defend his title in a Four Pack Challenge. Many wonder if this is truly the end of the EurAvison Era.


Triple X returned to WZCW at AS 121, and has been on fire ever since. He scored a big win over Constantine at MD 145, and two huge wins over Eurasian champion Titus. First in a Chairs match at Meltdown Madness, and then in the champ's own Pure Rules match at AS 124. Triple X has been hungry for gold since his return to the company, and with two wins over the reigning champion, he's arguably the odds on favorite to win the Eurasian title at Lethal Lottery.


Ace Stevens made a surprise return at the WZCW 10th Anniversary Show, in a losing effort against then World champion Justin Cooper. Since then, the man has been a force to be reckoned with. Often overlooked due to his recent domination of the Mayhem division, Ace proved himself to have the skills necessary to be a standout contender higher up the card, demonstrated when he defeated former Elite Openweight champion Callie Clark at AS 121. While racking up a bit of a losing streak since winning a Eurasian title shot at Unscripted, Stevens proved once again that he deserves his spot in the running when he defeated rival Triple X at MD 148.


Matt Tastic had an incredible run during the Unscripted cycle. He racked up 5 wins in a row, including big wins over former World champion The Beard in a Mayhem rules match at MD 144, and #1 contender to the World title Batti Otaku at AS 122. The cherry on top of this success sundae came when he defeated Callie Clark at Unscripted and captured the Elite Openweight title. Since then, Matt hasn't been able to replicate that same success. Dropping the title back to Clark at Meltdown Madness, and a loss in a tag team bout at MD 148 have hurt his stock quite a bit. Despite this, analysts and fans alike still peg the Hall of Famer as a dark horse for winning the Lottery this year.


Despite coming up short during her KFAD qualifying match, Eve continued to work hard, and racked up an impressive number of victories during the Unscripted cycle. Including Tyrone Blades at AS 122 and Logan McAllister at Unscripted. After another string of strong wins, Eve was granted a #1 contenders match against the nigh-unbeatable Batti at AS 125. They drew. Now Eve finds herself in a Triple Threat match at Lethal Lottery for the top prize in all of WZCW, as the dark horse of the 3. But make no mistake, Eve has proven beyond any doubt that she deserves this opportunity.


Kagura picked up a string of wins during the Unscripted cycle, starting by becoming the first woman to win the KFAD briefcase. She only lost once, and that was to rival Batti at Unscripted in a Chain match. She was able to keep her momentum going, but suffered an impromptu loss against Tyrone Blades at MD 147. She would team with Blades at AS 125, and the two had a victorious showing in her home country. She would later do the unthinkable. Following the inconclusive #1 contenders match between Eve Taylor and Batti, Kagura Ohzora cashed in her KFAD contract, and defeated Constantine for the WZCW World championship. Many analysts have questioned the timing of this cash in. Kagura, as defending champion, now has an enormous task ahead of her at Lethal Lottery. With not one, but two #1 contenders nipping at her heels.

#1 - BATTI

Batti was ranked high coming off the Unscripted PPV cycle. She only had one loss against Matt Tastic at AS 122. She defeated Tyrone Blades in a huge match at AS 121, and defeated former QFAD winner Kagura at Unscripted. Since then, Batti has been unstoppable. Adding to her list of fallen foes the former World champion Constantine at MD 147. Even though she and Eve Taylor fought to a draw at AS 125, many analysts feel that Batti is the odds on favorite to win the World title at Lethal Lottery.

Bernkastel 03-29-2018 12:54 AM

Note - these rankings reflect the whole of the Lethal Lottey cycle. Everyone's score will reset after each PPV. So MD 149/AS 126 marks your chance to start building your momentum towards Kingdom Come.

WZCW - The Splendid Seven

Lethal Lottery 9 Cycle

#7 - Titus Avison

The Eurasian champion had one hell of a rocky road during the Lethal Lottery cycle, but he managed to prove the journalists and analysts wrong when he turned back the monumental challenge of outlasting 3 men in an Fatal Fourway elimination match at the PPV. On top of that, Titus nearly won the Lethal Lottery itself, placing second. The sky must seem a mile high for Mr. Avison, who has reinvented himself yet again. One must now believe that there’s no chance of the EurAvison era ending anytime soon.

#6 - Callie Clark

Callie Clark had a strong showing during the Gold Rush cycle, but completely fell off the map during the Unscripted cycle. Not one to be ignored, she defeated Matt Tastic at Meltdown Madness to capture the WZCW Elite Openweight title. Though she lost the title to Lynx, she proved herself to still be a major contender when she pinned Matt Tastic again in a tag team match on Meltdown 148. She came up short at the Lethal Lottery, but Callie fans are comforted knowing that she’s now the top contender for the Elite Openweight title. Will the Callie ASSault continue until Kingdom Come?

#5 - Batti

Even though she entered the match the favorite, she ate the fall during the match at Lethal Lottery to decide WZCW’s undisputed queen, and the next world champion. The loss wasn’t enough to completely knock her from the rankings, but many have been wondering “what’s next?” With Tyrone Blades, her inamorato, heading to the main event at Kingdom Come, one might assume that Batti could somehow be involved in that match.

#4 - Anthony Mancini

Anthony Mancini is no stranger to success. He had a very successful run during the Unscripted cycle. However, he wasn’t as lucky the first half of the Lethal Lottery cycle, suffering back-to-back losses at Meltdown Madness and Ascension 124. His fortune turned around on Meltdown 148 where he captured the WZCW Mayhem championship. He would go on to successfully defend that title against Randy Studd, who had been considered the division’s top star, at Lethal Lottery. Having finally fought his way to the top of the division, can he keep his momentum going through the Kingdom Come cycle?

#3 - Kagura

The former WZCW world champion failed to retain her title at Lethal Lottery, prompting analysts and fans alike to believe that it was a mistake on her part to cash in the KFAD briefcase at Ascension 125. However, Kagura was not pinned at the PPV. Many people believe that she could be granted a rematch at Kingdom Come, but that has yet to be seen.

#2 - Tyrone Blades

The 9th winner of the Lethal Lottery and WZCW’s first two-time winner, the Hall of Famer looks to headline another Kingdom Come. Blades had a strong showing during the Lethal Lottery cycle, only coming up short in a tag team effort back at Ascension Anarchy against his ex-Vis Imperium foes. All the fans eyes are now glued to his back as he marches forward into the Kingdom Come cycle.

#1 - Eve Taylor

Eve was successful in her bid to capture the WZCW world championship. She ends the Lethal Lottery cycle with 3 wins and 1 draw; an almost perfect record. With the biggest target in the company now on her back, and the Lethal Lottery winner decided, Eve is in a dominant position moving forward. Can WZCW’s undisputed queen keep her momentum going through the next cycle?

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