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GET THESE HANDS! 01-31-2018 10:24 AM

BREAKING - WZCW Releases Justin Cooper
Word is reaching us at WZCW.com Headquarters that Justin Cooper has been released from his contract with WZCW. Word has it that Cooper had asked for his released 24 hours ago and it is now confirmed that WZCW has agreed to the release. Details on the reasons behind the release are a mystery to everyone but WZCW.com wishes to extend their gratitude to Justin Cooper for his work inside and outside of the ring for this company.

Whilst the release comes as a shock to everyone, it surely opens the door for a new number one contender to Constantine's World Heavyweight Championship. We reached out to the powers-that-be at WZCW and have been told that there is now to be a number one contender match at Ascension's 125th episode that will crown a new challenger. The two competitors of the match are no strangers to the Heavyweight Champion...

Click for Spoiler:

Good luck to both competitors.

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