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TakeTheSting 12-29-2017 10:04 PM

WWE wasn’t the only one
I was watching a classic match between Macho man and Ted Dibiasi earlier when Macho man won the title and it got me thinking. We always discuss and complain about how a wrestler from Wcw, tna or any other promotion comes to wwe and just aren’t used right. Names from wcw like Diamond Dallas Page, Sting, Luger to name a few could have been used so much better. It what is rarely spoken of is how bad wcw took some of the greatest wwf/wwe, and ECW wrestlers and did absolutely nothing with them. Here are some that come to my mind;

Macho man. He was an absolute legend, and household name in wwf. He went to wcw and had a decent run as champ but spent most of his time as a punching bag for the NWO before he later joined them and basically stood in the shadows.

Ulitimate Warrior. It was Insane how bad he was booked.

Mr perfect Curt Hennig. Same as warrior. Absolutely one of my all time favorites who was absolutely ruined in wcw.

Bret Hart. I loved his feud with Sting but other then that all they did with him was beat the Montreal dead horse angle to death.

Big Bossman. Nothing at all done with him

Raven: had one of the best wrestling minds and one of the best talkers maybe ever. Should’ve never left ecw because they had no idea how to use him.

Scott Hall. I know many will see this and say what, but he should’ve been so much more and had a great title main event run. Whether his personal problems were the cause of it or it was the result of booking we’ll never know. I believe to this day if he would’ve stayed in wwe he would have been a major major player as Razor.

That’s just a few that come to my mind but there’s many many more.

supernatural1981 12-30-2017 06:08 AM

Your right in what your saying and you could possibly add a few more names to that list but you could also remove a couple from it. How about The British Bulldog? Should of done a lot more in WCW than he did but just never seemed to enjoy being there.

Ultimate Warrior was past his prime when he went there, they only wanted to see if they could create the same kind Of hype that Wrestlemania 6 did, once the Hogan fued was done there was no reason for him to be there.

Big Bossman was a slightly different idea, if you go back and watch him in his WWF early years he was just a decent big man who could play a decent face or heel. Never won anything in WWF back then (before his WCW run) but was great teaming with Akeem and also was a top 5 Face in the early 90s. Did WCW drop the ball by not putting him higher up the card? In my opinion no, he was a good guy to beat to get to world title level, sort of like a ziggler nowadays.

Mr Perfect i do feel bad for, he should of had a world title run in one of the companies but sadly his back injury meant he never was the same after 91.

I’m sure there are more names people will come up.

Jeff Deliverer of Mail 12-30-2017 07:06 AM

Scott Hall was awesome in WCW when he first got there, the best work of his career.

Wolf Pac 12-30-2017 09:26 AM

Some of them were past their prime or injured, which wasn't WCW's fault.

By 1999, Savage just wasn't the same anymore after coming back from his injury in 98 and Hennig was also injured. They tried to recreate the classics he had with Bret at Summerslam 91 and KOTR 93 by booking them in a third meeting at Uncensored but they didn't deliver.

Mike Awesome is another big example. Dude was a killer in ECW and a feud against Goldberg could've been epic. But they go and turn him into The Fat Chick Thriller and That 70's Guy.

Jeff Deliverer of Mail 12-30-2017 10:06 AM


Originally Posted by Jeff Deliverer of Mail (Post 5775931)
Scott Hall was awesome in WCW when he first got there, the best work of his career.

When he came back, I should have said. He was The Diamond Studd in WCW before he went to WWF and became famous with Razor Ramone.

George Steele's Barber 12-30-2017 10:26 AM

No doubt. A promoter needs to stay as loyal to their vets as much as possible to keep the locker room. They also can't present their product as inferior to the competition or else you run the risk of alienating your most loyal fans by admitting you're a second tier organization (Hi TNA!). Especially in WCW case. They were a powerhouse in the late nineties and couldn't just have anyone come in and make their talent look bad. Certainly not guys from ECW. That being said I thought they did really well with Raven for a while. Raven's Flock was important and he did hold the US Title.

But yeah, Mike Awesome deserved better. It always seemed strange that The Outsiders focused so much for so long on being a tag team. Macho just wasn't Macho. I just don't think Warrior was Warrior anymore and WCW got what they could out of him. Bret Hart was just hard to write for and book but they definitely failed there. Henning is a tough one. As much as he is memorable from WWF, he wasn't a WWE Champion. Dibiase kind of came and went.

This goes to what WWE is doing with their NXT talent today. The guys come up and get some level of a push but generally ultimately have to wait a while to get to their highest level, otherwise it starts to look like NXT is a rival of Raw and SD which would not sit well with established main roster talent and the USA Network.

wrestlingmasters55 12-30-2017 05:40 PM

You right about this, you could add Jim Neidhart and Davey boy Smith and Madusa to that list as well. I feel like because they we'Re kinda pressured by Bret to sign Bulldog and Neidhart they went out of their way to not do anything with them since they didn't know what they wanted to do or couldn't care less about Bret.

As for MAdusa, what a waste, they pretty much brought her in because she had the WWE title belt with her but the problem was that they didn't have a women'S division or title to give her after her debut so they decided to create a title and do a tournament with some of the new japan women's but again instead of giving her the belt and start something fron there, they gave the belt to akira hokuto and she pretty much left for japan with the belt and never came back. Then they pretty much did nothing with her for the rest of her run.

Out of the list you gave, i have to take 3 names out of them, First of all Raven, raven biggest problem never was is talent, it was that he was outspoken and thought he should have been in a better position then the character deserved to be, that's why he butt head with every promoter he worked with from Heyman to bischoff to Heyman again to Vince. The guys ego was the problem and i fell that he got a pretty decent run in WCW for what the character was.

Second would be Big Boss man, i fell the fact that he couldn't bring the gimmick with him hurt him in the long run, how can you push a guy when you can'T use the gimmick that got him over in the first place. The guardian angel didn't work, you can go so far with the big bubba gimmick before you hit a celling and him just being him is just plain boring. So for what it was, he got a pretty decent run considering everything.

Macho man, again i wouldn't put him in this list mostly because while he wasn't as powerful backstage as hogan, he did have a lot of stroke backstage and from some of the story i've heard, he was very difficult to work with at times and would change finish on a dime. Again, he was in the twilight of his career and considering everything, he had a better run that he deserved to have considering his age. So i feel like they used him better then WWE would have used him at that time.

On a side note, i fell like Scott hall had all the potential in the world but his demon did hurt him in the long run and that's why they didn't push him as a main star in WCW.

FromGlasgow 12-30-2017 06:59 PM

A lot seemed to be missused the main ones who come to mind are the obvious like Guerrero, Malenko, Benoit, Mysterio etc but also other established stars like Bret Hart, Davey Smith and Jim Neidhart were main eventing WWE before they left then in WCW Smith and Neidhart almost became jobbers with Bret's talent completely wasted.

Mike Awesome's run as ECW champion was incredible then he went to WCW and became almost a joke dressing up as some reject from the 70's.

Sabu was one of the hottest wrestlers during the early 90's in Japan and ECW and when he came to WCW with the orginal Sheik I had such high hopes only for him to last about 3 or 4 weeks.

I think WCW in the late 90's had way too much talent, They could not feature everyone all of the time. WCW in fairness wasn't all bad as in this period of time for the one and only time WCW had overtaken the WWE as my favourite wrestling company and with the monday night wars it was probably the best time ever to be a wrestling fan.

TakeTheSting 12-30-2017 07:17 PM

One man I thought neither company used right was Big Show. Yea at first in wcw he was an unstoppable force but then they gave up on him. Then he went to wwe and the same thing. For awhile dominant, then a sideshow. He should’ve been booed as an unstoppable force. He’s made a decent career for himself in wwe and I love him as an actor but I always think he could’ve been so much more.

LibSuperstar 12-31-2017 02:31 AM


Originally Posted by TakeTheSting
One man I thought neither company used right was Big Show. Yea at first in wcw he was an unstoppable force but then they gave up on him. Then he went to wwe and the same thing. For awhile dominant, then a sideshow. He should’ve been booed as an unstoppable force. He’s made a decent career for himself in wwe and I love him as an actor but I always think he could’ve been so much more.

Yeah I'm surprised he wasn't booked more dominantly.

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