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Mitch Henessey 12-28-2017 11:20 PM

Goldberg's Comeback
After watching the WWE 24 on Goldberg, I was wondering if anyone actually enjoyed his return run.

Goldberg beating Lesnar in a squash at Survivor Series was one of the more memorable shockers we've seen in years. The old Goldberg was back, and he hadn't lost a step. But after he beat Owens at Fastlane, Goldberg was targeted for the "Boo-tista" treatment, because we had another part-timer stealing the spotlight to win a world title, guaranteeing more time in the main event picture. While I'm sure a lot of fans believed the nostalgia buzz was gone after Survivor Series, I also believe too many fans are too fickle and they have a monkey see, monkey do attitude for booing, heckling, and chants.

His run ended on a good note with his Wrestlemania match VS Lesnar, and I enjoyed it more after watching it for a second time. But I also believe the match was surprise for a lot of people, because it was almost impossible to not expect the worst after Wrestlemania XX, and knowing Goldberg, pushing 50 at the time, is not cut out for long matches without completely running out of gas.

His return had its up and downs. Some good, passionate promos and two entertaining matches, but it's almost impossible to forget about the blunders, the mishaps (i.e. Goldberg almost knocking himself out after banging his head against the door), and anyone with a half a brain knowing Lesnar winning the title from Goldberg at Mania was a sure thing.

So with all that said, did you enjoy Goldberg's comeback?

Dagger Dias 12-29-2017 12:43 AM

I have mixed feelings about Goldberg's comeback. When he first came back, it was awesome. The match against Lesnar at Survivor Series last year was a surprise and downright shocking in how it ended. By Fastlane Goldberg had overstayed his welcome. He and Lesnar having the Universal Championship added to their feud was a horrible idea. Owens and Jericho should have wrestled for that title instead. The feud between two part-timers did not NEED the title, not when there was more than enough history between the two. So, the first half of his comeback, I enjoyed. The last part of it, not so much. He got to avenge the awful match from Wrestlemania 20 at least.

wrestlingmasters55 12-29-2017 04:59 AM

Personally, I truly enjoyed his comeback mostly because of the story behind it. I didn't bother about the matches because I knew he could go like use to but the story of doing it for his kid and seeing if he could still be Goldberg was a interesting one and it showed that even at his age, he was better then 90% of the current roster.

Also he cut some of his best promos of his career and that was probably because they came from what he was feeling at the time and not from a script.

The best part of his comeback for me was his universal title run and the last chapter of his comeback because not only did it give title as well needed boost as been regarded as a world title, which sadly it wasn't during Kevin Owens run, but it give one of the top match on the card and probably the one match that casual fans where tuning in to watch mania a extra something and more stakes to the match and That's a good.

In the end, his comeback was how these type of comeback should be book. They use his star power to their advantage because they had a problem with the way the universal championship was being looked at and they use Goldberg to elevate the title. The comeback itself was truly enjoyable for me and I wish that they go all in and bookend it with a Hall of fame Induction next year.

Starkist 12-29-2017 08:05 AM

I enjoyed it as I got to see him live and get some pictures of him. He was in great shape for his age and his promo work was ok, but he did good for being off of tv for so long. I wish he stuck around longer to be honest to see him in the rumble match or something else before he just went away. I enjoyed his matches he had and enjoyed his time when he was on my screen. It was a good comeback, just really short lived.

SSJPhenom 12-29-2017 12:01 PM

I for one totally enjoyed Goldberg's comeback.

IMO it was easily the most entertaining thing going in the WWE during the last year and some months and WWE hasn't produced anything near the level of excitement I got from, for example, seeing Goldberg, Lesnar, and 'Taker all in the ring at the same time before the Rumble. I felt excited about wrestling again while Goldberg was coming out and as far as I'm concerned he was at the top of his game. Maybe even better than ever. Especially his promo work. He was great.

Azane 12-29-2017 12:21 PM

I couldn't get invested in Goldberg, I think it may of been his rival being Brock, because it kept stirring up memories of their original WM match and how much of a middle finger it was (I quit watching wrestling for years because of how much that ruined a 60$ card)

Just in general, I can't get into Part Timers winning World Titles, and Goldberg vs Brock is pretty much the epitome of whats made me quit watching RAW.

Loveless 12-29-2017 01:25 PM

Survivor Series worked because of the surprise factor
The Rumble worked because it's the bloody Rumble and we got Undertaker thrown into the mix
Owens is where things start to go wrong. Goldberg didn't need the title and burying Owens was just so damn stupid. That's the moment the crowd turned and what followed was 7 weeks of negativity because as usual, the WWE doesn't know how to book feuds.
The Wrestlemania match was just about as good as it could be. A 7-minute smash up that didn't need the title.

On the whole, it mostly worked out but it wasn't the success it should have been.

Hoke Hogan 12-29-2017 02:22 PM

I enjoyed Goldberg's return but let's not kid ourselves that he could "still go like he used to." The ring rust was pretty clear from what I recall. The guy looked pretty winded after some fairy routine spots. That being said, the storyline was good and I'm glad that he got another run with the title and I'm glad that Lesnar/Goldberg at Mania was for the title. I don't care how much they do or don't work - they're more convincing than anyone else on the roster. When the guys out there working every day get up to the level of Lesnar or Goldberg, then they can be part-timers competing for the title, as well.

stingray11214 12-29-2017 07:28 PM

Goldberg was nice for the "Wow!" factor in the beginning. It got stale and idiotic very quickly. By the time WM came around, you could have Western Unioned the outcome. However, there was something bigger: The Universal strap. THAT strap needed credibility. Finn Balor had it for 20 hours.Then, you had Kevin Owens. Problem was that people saw the Universal strap for the run of the mill prop it was. It was NOT the WWE Championship. It was a title created by Stephanie that meant nothing to nobody.

Enter Goldberg.

Goldberg winning the Universal title was all about the Universal Title getting rather than the actual wrestler winning it. The Universal title needed prestige. It needed credibility. The Universal title needed Goldberg more than Goldberg needed the belt. That is why they did not hold out for Roman Reigns last year. He would have brought nothing to the strap. Goldberg brought prestige, history AND credibility. Though Lesnar brings almost nothing to the table for the Universal strap, Goldberg made the belt seem a lot more prestigious than if Kevin Owens hung on to it.

Jack-Hammer 12-29-2017 07:29 PM

I utterly despised Goldberg's comeback for a number of reasons. First and foremost, Goldberg couldn't wrestle and when you get right down to it, he never really could. Eric Bischoff knew how limited Goldberg was and was able to brilliantly hide his limitations by keeping the vast majority of his matches under 2 or 3 minutes with most of his opponents being outright jobbers or low card members of the roster. The long term effect of that turned out that Goldberg's streak was vastly overrated and hyped into being something it wasn't and that Goldberg himself was some phenomenal talent.

Goldberg's return further highlighted some massively fundamental flaws in Vince McMahon's decision making: he was, to some degree, sacrificing WWE's long term stability over the nostalgic spectacle of older wrestlers going at it who aren't a fraction of what they once were. Goldberg was one of the biggest examples of Vince using modern guys, guys who should be the focus of his company as they're the ones who actually carry it, as fodder for 2000s and Attitude Era stars. We'd already seen it for years: Stone Cold popping up every so often for a promo segment, he gets into something with a modern guy, winds up hitting the Stone Cold Stunner and poses around the ring while pouring beer all over himself or the Rock making trained monkeys out of Daniel Bryan, Rusev, the Wyatt Family, etc. all for the sake of nostalgia rather than using these mega names to actually help build up these younger wrestlers. And now, there are reports that Batista might be coming back for another run and if he does, I'd be willing to bet that he has it written into the contract that he's truly there to be a 100% TOP level guy; no putting over young guys this time around. WrestleMania looks to have become the haven for the part timer looking to be in the spotlight and collect a massive paycheck. Based on how the lay of the land in WWE looks as of right now, we can expect matches featuring Triple H, John Cena, Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, POSSIBLY the Undertaker and POSSIBLY Batista; at least half the fucking card will be made up of part timers who'll be the focus of the show while Vince McMahon is inexplicably in the dark about how WWE just isn't really cool anymore.

If you're an older fan in your 30s, 40s or even 50s and you hear a fan in their 10s and 20s say how many top guys today don't stack up to the top guys of 20 years go, how they've been sacrificed to the part timers and nostalgia acts is one of the top reasons why.

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