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wrestlingmasters55 10-01-2017 09:42 AM

WWE Main Event
I know that this show is pretty much a clip show now and that it's not really available to everybody, but i just wanted to know who actually watch this show.

I tend to record it just so i can watch the 2 matches on the show and mostly i found the matches on the show pretty good even if they tend to be repetitive. Right now, it seem like Dash Wilder is in a feud with Rhyno and heath slater as he been fighting them in single matches for the last three week and he's coming on the losing hand every week. Yet even by losing, he look good doing it and if the revival stuff doesn'T pan out, i could see him be a pretty descent mid carder as he is a pretty good wrestler and does have some charisma.

The other match is normally a cruiserweight match mostly with either lince derado or gran matalik. 2 guys that i think should be better use in the division because their 2 of the most entertaining guys in the division and they don'T even have to talk, they just need to do their high flying stuff. I would love to see either guy either team up or wrestled Kalisto one of these days because i think it would be aawesome cruiserweight match.

In the end, Main event isn't a great show but they normally deliver as far as matches are concern.

Razz 10-02-2017 05:32 AM

Yeah I watch it, since I still watch everything I can weekly. I just forward through the rest of the highlights and watch the 2 matches. Like you said the matches are not bad and it seems they have more freedom and time to do things since they are pre show or dark matches. And most of the time the crowds are into it since it is the first matches they see.

BestSportsEntertainer 10-02-2017 03:45 PM

Well KB reviews it on his site pretty much every week, so he does.

I don't because it's mostly just a recap of Raw. The matches usually aren't that great either.

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