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Jack-Hammer 09-20-2017 05:19 AM

WWE Hell In A Cell: WWE SD Women's Championship - Natalya (c) VS Charlotte Flair
Charlotte made her return to WWE on last night's SmackDown Live after being away several weeks to be by her father's side due to health issues that were pretty touch and go for a little while. After winning a Fatal Fourway match, she earned the right to face Natalya for the title at HIAC.

From an in-ring perspective, this has the potential to be a really strong match as they've had decent matches in the past and tore it up in NXT. Inside the ring, they're probably the two most technically sound on the entire main roster and are fully capable of putting on a show stealing match if given the time.

As for the build of the match, you can almost sense it's going to be a dueling "my family is the greatest of all time" stuff that's been a central aspect of their past interactions. It's not exactly fresh, but it'll do fine if they keep it simple and on point.

As to who walks out, I'd rather se Nattie retain the title for a while. Natlaya is sort of the mom or big sister to the women of the main roster and it's a role she's had for a long time. She spent most of her career, especially in the dark days of women's wrestling in WWE, putting over far less capable women like Melina, Eve Torres, Maryse and Kelly Kelly because being bimbos was more important at the time than being a good wrestler. So I have no problem with her having the spotlight as champion for a while. With that being said, I expect Charlotte to win the title at HIAC as it just seems like the type of thing Vince would prefer. Charlotte's already been a 5 time champion on the main roster and, along with Sasha Banks, has been the centerpiece of women's wrestling on the main roster since coming up from NXT so I just see her picking up the win.

Kodo Sawaki 09-20-2017 07:52 AM

Well, after months of having dreadful Naomi as Champion and having Carmella as next in line for that, they finally remember that Charlotte exist.

Should be at least good wrestling. And with that book going on I can see Charlotte coming up as winner. Though I can sense Carmella cashing in at the end because they usually downplay MiTB winners before cashing and she wasnt even on Smackdown last night.

The Perfect Max 09-20-2017 02:09 PM

They could go down the route of family, and I think it's important that they do discuss it. But there's something else that I think should be the central focus, and that's the Sharpshooter versus the Figure Eight. Two of the most famous submission holds in all of professional wrestling. That should be the focus, because if they are given enough time to build a proper match, then they could have a technical master class of a women's match. That's what I hope it comes down to. And I know they've touched on that before as well, but we all know who Charlotte's family and Natalya's family are. Let it be about how good both of these women can be in the ring.

While I wish Natalya would hold the title longer, I don't see this reign getting past Hell in a Cell. And the thing is that Natalya beating Charlotte technically and cleanly would be a massive boost for her. I already hold her in higher regards anyway, but in kayfabe, Natalya getting the upper hand on Charlotte once before dropping the title to her later (which is what should probably happen) would benefit her credibility within the division. It's not like Charlotte would be losing to an Eva Marie kind of girl. If Charlotte does win, I sense a cash-in. Who bigger and better is there for Carmella to cash in the contract on? Nobody.

MWRedskins 09-20-2017 11:39 PM

ok....this match will be a great in ring contest. the only issue is that Natalya is awful at promos, so the build to this could be bad, but the match in the ring will be great. like the Tag Team Championship match, this match also has a question mark for an ending. i really dont want to see Charlotte lose to Natalya as that would then put a bit of damage on her. if Charlotte doesnt win the title it should be by either 1) Natalya getting herself DQed or 2) Carmella cashing in "Seth Rollins" style and i am hoping for that. have Carmella get involved mid match, have her attack both Charlotte and Natalya, then have Ellsworth pull Charlotte out and hold her back from stopping the pinfall where Carmella wins the strap....then after that they can set up a re-match for the championship (another triple threat) before moving Carmella to one on one matches with Charlotte where Charlotte eventually beats her.

ShinChan 09-23-2017 05:06 AM

Let Charlotte get the win and thus the title to help Smackdown's Women Division and the title. Naomi was too boring as the champion and I don't expect much from Natalya. But when you have Charlotte and Becky Lynch plus Paige returning, wrestlers like Naomi shouldn't be anywhere near the title. Natalya is at least watchable in the ring. Naomi's only interesting aspect was the entrance and that's about it.

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