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Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D. 09-14-2017 09:11 PM

Triple H's match at Wrestlemania 34
Triple H has now become a special attraction for Wrestlemania as he returns every year to wrestle at the big event.

At the past Smackdown, we saw Kevin Owens brutally beat down Vince McMahon. After the assault, Stephanie McMahon came out in the aid of her father. And at HIAC Owens will be facing Shane McMahon.
Shane and Stephanie have been at "war" ever since WM 32, but now it seems like Stephanie will be supporting her brother to beat Kevin Owens which makes me wonder..

Are we in for a Owens vs Triple H match at Wrestlemania? Owens will most likely beat Shane at HIAC and a big spot might occur which could take Shane off TV and this Owens vs McMahon feud suddently turnt into Owens vs McMahons and it got very personal.

I would most definately welcome a Triple H vs Owens match for Wrestlemania. What do you think?

And if not Owens, who do think HHH will/should face at WM 34?

Mitch Henessey 09-14-2017 11:13 PM

I'm going with Kurt Angle.

As the OP pointed out, Triple H has pretty much settled into an Undertaker-esque role for different reasons, where he only returns for the big match at Wrestlemania.

When Stephanie finally returns, it's only a matter of time before she verbally castrates Angle week after week. Angle reaches a boiling point, where he feels the need to stand up for himself, he crosses a line with talking back to Stephanie, and HHH returns to put Angle in his place. Angle's WWE in ring return is a big deal, and going up against HHH gives Vince another big, blockbuster match.

I just can't see Owens happening. That match leads too far in the direction of Triple H being a face, where he's out to play the role of a defender for the McMahon family, and it's something we've seen before in his matches with Orton at 25 and Brock at 29.

The Perfect Max 09-15-2017 07:13 AM

I would much prefer a program between Triple H and Kevin Owens, than Triple H against another part time guy. Owens has had an alright year, and I think people criticise the feud with AJ Styles more than necessary. So when I consider his accomplishments on Raw and what he has done so far on SmackDown, he's well on his way to being a significant main-stay on WWE television. I think that a story with Triple H at WrestleMania then takes it to that next level for Owens, which is exactly what I wish for him. My problem with this is exactly what the above post said. We have seen Triple H come to the aid of Mr McMahon and the McMahon family before, and while they were great feuds (particularly in 2009 with Orton), we don't need to see it again. BUT, as I pointed out in a separate thread, this feud between Owens and Shane reminds me so much of the one Orton had with Shane in 2009, which was leading to the WrestleMania match between he and Triple H. Sure, there are significant differences too, but it reminds me a lot of it and makes me wonder if this is indeed the direction that WWE plans on going in. It brings attention to the SmackDown brand for a change too.

Right now it makes sense for it to be Owens. But then there are almost six months to go before WrestleMania, and anything can happen between now and then. Indeed, as the above post said, we could get that match between Triple H and Kurt Angle. I'm not interested one little bit, but that's my problem I guess. Plus, I'd rather they not shoehorn in a Triple H match just for the sake of it. I'd much prefer logical stories than ones out of the blue just so we can say Triple H will fight at WrestleMania. And right now, the only logical match I see for Triple H is against Owens. After all, he practically handed Owens the Universal Championship, so there's history beyond this current story. But, things change.

I would love a Kevin Owens vs. Triple H match and I'd take a rehash of an older storyline to benefit a younger talent over Triple H potentially facing a part-timer who he has already had countless great matches with, in their prime.

George Steele's Barber 09-15-2017 08:06 AM

Just some numbered thoughts based on points others have made:

1. I'm not at all against part timers and I'm not a HHH hater but HHH is a guy who WM doesn't need and HHH doesn't need WM. We have so many part timers as it is at Mania. UT may be gone but now Cena is somewhat of a part timer. What about Angle? I'd much rather have Angle and Cena than HHH. Same with Rocky. I'd also prefer HHH spreads the part timer thing out by working lesser PPVs. His story right now lends itself more to working a Takeover than a Mania. He just doesn't need to be there unless they can truly do something meaningful with him.

2. Who does he wrestle? Let's face it. He can only put so many guys over for so long before he either needs a few meaningful wins or he just faces other guys who are not title bound (i.e. other part timers). He lost to Rollins, Bryan, UT twice, and Reigns. He's got a win over Lesnar but basically lost that feud in the end. The man has lost some of his heat over the years while getting older and putting over others. It just doesn't seem like winning over him means that much anymore. Right Kingslayer?

3. Owens v. HHH is the opposite direction this story should go. Playing on #2, wouldn't it make more sense for HHH to be the brains behind Owens' attack on Vince as HHH tries to get the old man out? What do we get from a face HHH going against a heel Owens? Wouldn't it make more sense to have HHH be the mastermind behind Owens physically destroying the McMahons? If HHH is going to fight someone at Mania, shouldn't it be Shane so that we have some unpredictability and meaning in a match.

Owens/HHH just feels like he is just putting over another full time roster guy. Then again the show is seven hours so they could use as much help as possible.

Spencesc11 09-15-2017 08:50 AM

Yeah what if Owens & HHH are in cohoots. Then at Mania you have a tag match.

Kevin Owens & HHH vs. Shane McMahon & Chris Jericho (Streetfight - Falls count anywhere).

Already have real heat between Jericho & Owens and past heat between Jericho & HHH.

Make it for control of the company!!!

HHH & Owens win when Jericho turns on Shane. Jericho becomes the new GM on Smackdown!!!

HORRORHOLIC 09-15-2017 10:37 AM

Shane McMahon could be good if done right. The story pretty much tells itself.

Y 2 Jake 09-15-2017 10:50 AM

I don't want part-timer vs. part-timer, I also don't want one of the full-timers to fall foul to the typically poor HHH ego show. How can a guy who lives and breathes wrestling, who has so much control over his character, fail most years to effectively book his bout?

Leave him off the show, he's not needed.

HeenanGorilla 09-15-2017 11:30 AM

Triple H will always be welcome at Mania for me. In general, his classic entrance of the multi-color lights on him at the top of the ramp, followed by the march to the ring, capped off by the water spraying under the spotlight--the whole thing just reeks of awesomeness. Last year's entrance with Steph for the Rollins match looked great. A few in the past have been not so hot. But overall, it is a spectacle. His history, his role in the company--both in real life and in what remains of kayfabe--along with the incredible shape he is still in, I find his matches more interesting than most. They have fascinating possibilities. Whether or not they come through, that varies. But his presence is undeniable.

I acknowledge that many full-timers are hurt by a few things that are out of their control--scripted promos/interviews, way too many hours of TV/PPV throughout the year (and the consequent repetition of Wrestler A vs. Wrestler B)--but part-timers bring something special to Mania. Like I said, I don't think it is fair to simply say "The full-timers had all year to make themselves more of a draw." While that is true, the full-timers also suffer from overexposure. So, as someone who does not watch every week and simply wants to be entertained at Mania, bring me Triple H, Brock, Rock, whoever.

thebigbadfox 09-15-2017 12:47 PM

I agree with a few previous posters... I would be all for HHH being behind the Owens attach to get the McMahons out of control... Even Steph being in on it too... even tho she came out to Vinces Aide.
I think you can run a HHH Owens versus Shane and maybe Angle? As your match... or HHH versus Shane and Angle versus Owens something there I think

clpp01 09-15-2017 08:38 PM

I'd rather not see a McMahon power struggle as those storylines never end up being any good, and if it is simply Owens vs McMahons then Trips wouldn't really be needed as they could easily have a Shane vs KO rematch with Shane playing the revenge card.

For Triple H IMO the best option would be Braun Strowman. With the way Strowman has been booked you need a big name to work with him as it will be hard for the fans to buy into someone like Rollins or Ambrose or Finn Balor or Bray Wyatt being a credible threat to Strowman after how he has spent basically all year manhandling Lesnar and Reigns

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