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Pay Per Ghost 09-07-2017 01:23 AM

What Is Dolph Ziggler Doing?

I don't get it so, he is basically saying hey this is a gimmick, that is a ring, I am a great 'performer' but you don't care coz you care about these personas and lights and glitz and shit.

I know it's no big deal and this prolly not going anywhere, but I am prolly for the first time looking forward to what he is gonna do next.

Slightly Hinged Cannon perhaps.

Rainbow Yaz 09-07-2017 02:08 AM

His best.

But to avoid the spam rules, I kinda like this. He is doing parodies of guys he feels he is far better in the ring than, but doesn't get the recognition they get because he doesn't have a gimmick that isn't Shawn Michales but with spaghetti hair. It's one of those weird 4th wall breaking things that can work well when done right but WWE does too often and too heavy handed to be effective. Plus Dolph is the drizzling shits so this won't work.

The Perfect Max 09-07-2017 04:08 AM

It's a gimmick that I can imagine on paper sounds entertaining (and possibly successful), but then when you actually think about it, and then see it come to fruition, you realise that actually it isn't a very good idea. I mean, he's doing what he can with it and I actually felt what he was saying during his promo. I can understand his bitterness. And perhaps if this was a one week thing, then it might be okay. But I imagine this is going to continue for the next few weeks, and it makes me wonder what the end game is here. Is it a complete gimmick change? I have absolutely no idea what is going on, which to a great degree is fun because us wrestling fans always know too much for our own good. But in this case, I worry that it worsens Ziggler even further. Let's hope not, and that actually he does something really good with it.

THTRobtaylor 09-07-2017 04:23 AM

The endgame is probably his leaving the WWE... apparently his deal is up in October... and he has no intention of re-signing as he wants to do his standup/acting thing for a bit.

This is all probably leading to him saying the best he can be is Nick Nemeth... and thus preparing for life after WWE. He'll job out in the match he does finally wrestle and that'll be it... either he'll be "fired" for it or he'll throw a tantrum and say the fans "don't deserve to see him ever again..." and he'll leave.

Snugglebites 09-07-2017 04:39 AM

Dolph is right. Most fans really don't care about wrestling. It's all about cool and interesting characters. Imagine if The Undertaker was just another generic tall guy, nobody would care about him.

THTRobtaylor 09-07-2017 05:07 AM

His fate was sealed long ago when he got his name...

Dolph Ziggler is the worst "Fake Wrestler Name" anyone has had...ever. It screams "phoney wrestler" so it's gonna be impossible for him to really use it outside WWE as a) they own it and b) it sounds dumb as fuck.

If he is leaving, somehow he has to get known as Nick Nemeth or some variation of that he's gonna use for standup etc... so shedding the gimmick this way works... does he go as far as "renouncing his slave name", probably not... but there is no way he's making it in entertainment with the name Dolph Ziggler...

A11oftheLights 09-07-2017 06:46 AM

The part where this fails is that its still the same crap that ziggler has spewed for the last years. "Blah blah...best wrestler this...steal the show that...I'm under appreciated and deserve to be higher...raise voice to signify unmatched intensity and passion...finish in calmed angry manner for a cutaway to commercial"

Thats where ziggler has it wrong as good as a wrestler as he thinks he is, his problem is that his gimmick has not changed from uncharismatic wannabe HBK

Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D. 09-07-2017 07:03 AM


Originally Posted by Snugglebites (Post 5743557)
Dolph is right. Most fans really don't care about wrestling. It's all about cool and interesting characters. Imagine if The Undertaker was just another generic tall guy, nobody would care about him.

Punk, Bryan and Styles tend to disagree. You need both in order to be a success and let's face it, Ziggler lacked both in character and he's really not as good in the ring as he thinks he is or as he once were. There are far better wrestlers on the roster right now than Ziggler, like Owens, Styles, Joe, Cena, Zayn and many cruiserweights just to name a few.

Dolph comes from the same era all the stars that never made it big come, the era of 2009-2010. Barrett, Sheamus, Del Rio, Ziggler, Rhodes, Miz, Swagger, McIntyre. Remember them? They were the new era of their time.

I don't know what Ziggler is going with this, but it won't get over. Fans will see it through. Here comes the guy with the golden hair and stupid dance in his entrance for the past 7 years, telling us that only gimmicks work? Dude. You've been a failed gimmick for the past 7 years. You overexpsosed the superkick in the WWE.

Sure there were instances where WWE failed to use Ziggler's momentum, like 2016 or 2014 or 2012. Looks like Ziggler breaks out every couple of years just to fall back down again.

So why doesn't Dolph Ziggler just leave? Go elsewere. Prove to us that you are what you say you are. Do what Rhodes did. Go to NJPW. Go to NXT. But set yourself free from the WWE machine, because the WWE machine will push only their chosen ones and the marketable ones and the marketable ones are those who come into the company with a big following like Styles and Owens.

HORRORHOLIC 09-07-2017 07:12 AM

Ziggler isn't a failed gimmick, he got himself over huge, WWE just chose to ignore it for the most part. Despite his terrible booking he was still really popular, but now it's just been way too long and fans know nothing will ever come from it.

A11oftheLights 09-07-2017 07:38 AM

As much as you can say that WWE failed to capitalise on his momentum or ignore it, Ziggler also picked up small injuries at some inconvenient times that stalled him too

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