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Jack-Hammer 09-05-2017 09:45 PM

WWE Hell In A Cell: WWE Championship - Jinder Mahal (c) VS Shinsuke Nakamura
Due to his victory over Randy Orton on tonight's episode of SmackDown Live, Shinsuke Nakamura has a shot at the WWE Championship at HIAC. There's no mention right now as to whether or not the match will take place inside the Cell, but I expect it'll be decided upon next week. The reason given, if one is, will be so that the Singh Brothers can't interfere, though we all know it's fairly common for HIAC matches to not remain confined within the cage itself.

The strange experiment with Jinder as WWE Champion should come to an end because Jinder has shown that he just doesn't have the ability whether it's on the mic, as a character, or inside the ring. At his very, very best, aside from his physique, Jinder is simply an average wrestler that's in a spot far above his abilities.

Y 2 Jake 09-05-2017 11:41 PM

Jinder is shit. At the same time Nakamura has hardly been pulling up many trees.

I want Jinder to win. They've commuted to the reign so have him hold it a little longer. I also want Nakamura to win the title after more of a chase and on a bigger setting.

Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D. 09-06-2017 02:55 PM

So Nakamura has already defeated Cena and Orton clean. OKay. However he has hardly made any impact and he definately can't carry the WWE Championship.

The worst thing is that Jinder won't even be on the WM 34 card and he will have had one of the longest reigns of the past years.

Aeon Mathix 09-06-2017 04:45 PM

Jinder should have never won it in the first place. It's time they finally take it off of him. Smackdown has been awful since he won the title, but it's also contributed to a lot of other things on the show. I was pulling for Shinsuke to knee his head off 5 seconds into the match at Summerslam for the win.

This match just never sounded interesting on paper. Their match at Summerslam was a snoozefest along with Jinder's trilogy with Orton. What's worse is if Nakamura wins Jinder gets his rematch which they will probably stretch out to another pay per view. Just have Shinsuke win, beat Jinder again on Smackdown and move on to actually entertaining matches like with Owens, Styles, Zayn etc.

MWRedskins 09-11-2017 03:23 PM

hopefully this is the end of Jinder's reign as Champion and let's just say it needs to end.

i was kind enough to not hinder Jinder and give him a chance as champion, but his character is similar to Muhammad Hassan (only Hassan did it better) and his in ring skills arent what i would call main event worthy. he looks the part of a champion, but lacks the promo ability or in ring work to back it up. His promos are very much repetitive and his matches usually end the same to the point it makes the faces look completely stupid and hopefully this time, Shinsuke wins without looking stupid. dont take all day beating up the Singh Brothers and dont turn your back on Jinder.

if Jinder does win, please let him win without the stupid run in...i am ok with a heel cheating, but i prefer a belt shot to the head or rolling up and using leverage type of cheating, not consistant run ins where the face is forced to beat up a heel or two outside the ring. The Miz vs. Jeff Hardy on RAW is the prime example of what i mean by that, did Maryse help Miz win, yes, but it wasnt by getting on the apron and hitting Jeff, she tapped Miz and warned him and he won. that's the best way to book a heel champion, have them cheat sure, but be creative and not have the same ending.

if Shinsuke does win (which i'm hoping for)...then use that win as a way to 1) Turn Bobby Roode heel and 2) push Owens to the Championship a bit....he doesnt have to win, but my hope is that after his feud with Shane, he moves onto Shinsuke for the championship.

wrestlingmasters55 09-11-2017 08:41 PM

I don't really cares about this match because neither man as set the world on fire on smackdown. Jinder is getting better but needs to get a better script because it's always the same promo that jinder is cutting but at the same time nakamura hasn't been doing a lot either. He does fell a little bit cold as well.

In the end, I rather see jinder retain and have cena beat him later on then nakamura win the belt at hell in a cell.

ShinChan 09-16-2017 04:44 AM

Two wrong options. So you should chose the less wrong one. Jinder should lose the title. He shouldn't be anywhere near it as has his performance proved. At least, Nakamura can entertain in the ring as compared to Jinder who's just boring in every aspect.

Nakamura should win...

GOOZEKING 09-16-2017 01:12 PM

Depending on how well Jinder does in India will tell us if he retains the belt. If they go and he is like a God to them then we might never get the belt off him. The thing though is that just the fact that an Indian person is holding the belt is going to give him publicity no matter what. That's why I think when they are at India to compare Merch sales, crowd response, and media representation.

Jack-Hammer 10-02-2017 03:43 PM

The build for this match seems lackluster overall, which it is in some ways, but I will say that they've ultimately done a good job of keeping people wondering who'll come out the winner.

There are various reports all over the place and there seems to be no consistent opinion. Some reports allege Jinder dropping the title to Nakamura before the tour of India as he's just not performing well. Some reports speculate that Nakamura could win the title at HIAC only to drop it back to Jinder during the tour, especially if one or more of the shows will be shown on the network. There are even some reports stating that Jinder the talk is for Jinder to remain champion all the way to WrestleMania next year, which I think is pretty much the worst case scenario in the minds of a lot of people.

In my opinion, unfortunately, I see Jinder retaining the title against Nakamura. I hope I'm wrong, but I have this gut feeling that Vince will keep the title on Jinder at least through the tour of India.

wrestlingmasters55 10-02-2017 04:24 PM

Nakamura while being a popular character as always being use as a placeholder for somebody else. Look at his NXT run. He was pretty much a transitional champion on that brand. The problem with Nakamura is that you need to use him as a special attraction for him to stay special like they are doing with Lesnar. By using him on TV every week, he's becoming just another guy on the roster and he's not connected with the casual fans because of it.

Jinder on the other hand, just doesn't work anymore. It's not really his fault because he did improve in the short time he'S been champion. It's more the material they are giving him. So because it's always the same stuff he's becoming stale as a main heel and Champion.

If i was them, i would put the belt on Nakamura at hell in the cell and let him keep the belt until the India tour were you could have jinder win the belt back and if they don't show it on tv, just tape it and present the highlight on smackdown.

In the end, this match hasn't set the world on fire and both character have cool down one because he's on tv every week and doesn't feel special anymore and the other because of creative. But if you switch the title for a little while before continuing the Jinder project, it might give Jinder a chance to breath and practice a little bit before going back as the top guy and Nakamura is a great transitional champion to have.

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