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Jack-Hammer 08-21-2017 10:36 PM

WWE No Mercy: WWE Universal Championship - Brock Lesnar (c) VS Braun Strowman
After Lesnar was decimated by Strowman during the opening segment of tonight's Raw, we all had to suspect that they'd wind up going 1 on 1 soon for the title and WWE made the match official later on in the show as the main event for No Mercy.

My gut tells me that Lesnar will retain after a really competitive match; I just don't see Lesnar dropping the Universal Championship outside of one of the original big four ppvs of the Royal Rumble, WrestleMania SummerSlam and Survivor Series. I wouldn't have any complaints if Lesnar dropped the title to Strowman at No Mercy, it's possible it could go down but it's looking more and more like Lesnar will keep the title until WrestleMania to Roman Reigns.

Y 2 Jake 08-22-2017 12:00 AM

Sunday night showed me that their Wrestlemania main event should be Lesnar vs. Strowman. It seems too soon to be having this match.

I'm sure Braun will look strong. A quick decimation of Brockley before losing by a fluke in about 8 minutes. It just seems a waste to throw this on a B show.

Dmbfantomas 08-22-2017 12:34 AM

Strowman wins at No Mercy, rematch happens at Survivor Series. Hopefully the SS match happens in a Hell in a Cell.

I just bought tickets for No Mercy because of this match.

ShinChan 08-22-2017 04:58 AM

Braun Strowman should win if WWE actually wants to build a star outta him. You should strike the iron when it's hot and now is the right time to do that. No Mercy may not be a big PPV but Brock shouldn't defeat Braun Strowman. A screwy finish could be done to further this feud until Survivor Series where Strowman actually defeats Brock Lesnar and I won't mind any of that. But Braun Strowman should get this huge rub.

JoeMallard 08-22-2017 05:03 AM

Hope Braun wins so we don't have to see Lesnar lose it to Reigns at Wrestlemania.

HORRORHOLIC 08-22-2017 08:12 AM

It's a mistake to waste this match instead of saving it for Wrestlemania. The worst part is I think they're still gonna go with Reigns vs Lesnar, which fans clearly don't wanna see. Plus I thinks Reigns vs Cena would be better for Wrestlemania anyway.

adam 08-24-2017 01:07 AM

WWE long range plans did project a series of 1 and done matches for Lesnar
which presumably would finish with Reigns beating Lesnar at WM. If that's the case, they are repeating their mistakes from 2015

The Perfect Max 08-24-2017 02:38 AM

If the original plans stand, then this should just be a one and done job. But I can't see it happening, purely because I can't see Seth Rollins or Finn Bálor getting their supposed shots as they're busy elsewhere and nowhere near believable in beating Lesnar.

I hope this is good. It should be very good, and given a good 10-15 minutes will be just the right amount of time to show off how Strowman can hold his own physically to Lesnar, which is something nobody has shown they can do. Samoa Joe perhaps to an extent can, but Strowman can throw around Lesnar like Lesnar throws around Cena. It's going to be an entertaining brawl anyway. As to who wins is the big question, but this is the third consecutive pay-per-view for Lesnar. If he can keep up his appearances, then I actually don't mind the reign continuing. I just don't want a long period again where the Universal Championship is nowhere to be seen. I suppose Strowman could also win, though I still fear it maybe is a tad too soon. I don't know about that one. As a fan, I would love it. But I wouldn't want this to be too soon.

One option I was thinking of was potentially having this end with Lesnar retaining, perhaps having a rematch, having a match with Lesnar vs. Reigns before WrestleMania, and then having a triple threat match at WrestleMania: Lesnar vs. Strowman vs. Reigns, where Strowman picks up the title there. He's the most deserving in my mind and I think his inclusion is much more satisfying. Just a thought a little off topic, but I'm excited for Strowman and his future.

Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D. 08-24-2017 06:18 AM

I believe that Lesnar will retain here and this will be an one and done deal. But how about we do something else?

So, I'd have Lesnar beat Strowman here. However after the match, Strowman attacks Lesnar and manages to do what no man has ever done. Take Brock Lesnar out. The Beast is "injured".
The next night on RAW, the title gets vacated and Strowman wins it in a big match, like a tournament or a battle royal or a 6-pack match.

That accomplishes many things:
a) it puts the belt back on RAW
b) it elevates Strowman, because even he lost to Lesnar, he still managed to take out the best after the match and injure him
c) it turns Strowman into an absolute threat
d) it builds a return angle for Lesnar against Strowman in a hot rematch that can elevate Strowman even higher

PS: Plus they are trying to turn Lesnar back into the BEAST he was, hence that's why after Summerslam ended it felt like he "overcame the odds". Beating Strowman is another obstacle in Brock's way. Being injured, coming back earlier but "still injured" (in order to sell the angle) and taking back his title will push Lesnar even further.

Jeff Deliverer of Mail 08-24-2017 02:24 PM

Strowman is the hottest act in wrestling. This one match will be the biggest reason I tune into No Mercy when it comes on. Can't wait!

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