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It's Damn Real! 03-14-2017 02:31 PM

Ross: Would Be Strategic for Impact to "Jump on" Swagger

On Jack Swagger being released from WWE: “WWE announced that it has released fellow Oklahoman Jack Swagger from his WWE contract. The former Oklahoma Sooner All American Wrestler won’t have any issues getting booked. Seems like it would be strategic for Impact Wrestling would jump on the former WWE Champion when he’s legally able to appear on their TV. Swagger would also be a great addition to the NJPW roster or perhaps even ROH. I wish the former Sooner nothing but the best.”


He didn't go into great depth, but I'm not surprised he likes Swagger to Impact for two reasons. First off, he was largely responsible for getting him signed to WWE years ago given the Oklahoma connection. I believe Swagger's roommate, or friend, introduced them prior to him graduating. The other reason, and possibly more important one, is Dutch Mantell is working creative for Impact again. If Jarrett and Anthem value his input, I have little doubt he'll pine for bringing him in once he's contractually able to appear.

Swagger can go between the ropes, but like ADR and others from that era with WWE, I wasn't impressed in the slightest with his personality or lack thereof. Folks often likened him to Angle, for good reason, but those reasons ran out with a hard stop the moment he picked up a microphone. Perhaps that's changed and he's improved over the years. I honestly don't know. I'll have to let others speak to that.

Either way, I'm expecting him to work the first set of tapings he's contractually able to. Even if it's a shorter run, similar to Cody Rhodes, there's no way Impact passes on the opportunity to bring in another former WWE Champion. Just like they won't pass on the opportunity to remind us all over numerous episodes as Borash (or whoever is calling commentary) will fawn over his accomplishments made for their main competition.

THTRobtaylor 03-14-2017 03:33 PM

I think a lot of the problems came from WWE with Thwagger... his lisp IS an issue too, tho giving him a name that needth... you get the point. It's like giving a guy who does R's as W's the name Roman Reigns... setting them up to fail needlessly.

In all seriousness, Jake Hagar isn't a bust, even now... TNA can jump on the "angry, finally himself" part and repackage him somewhat.. instead of "We The People..." "It's all about ME!" would be a good hook for him.

If Dutch can manage onscreen, pair them back up if you must... but Dutch will have a good idea of what makes him tick and what WWE should have done/he would have done if he was allowed to... TNA will probably allow it.

At this stage he's actually a better prospect than ADR, Mark Morgan or any of the other guys they seem to be resigning. People saw that he was misused in WWE and most blame them for his failings...even with the Mania/Drug screw up... ADR has the "banging Paige" hate from fan boys as well as the lazy tag...

Not saying Jack Hagar (Guessing that's what they'll use, pronounced HAY-GER) is the next World Champ for them... but he's someone who can come in - upset the applecart and be in that mix for a while, possibly take Lashley to an interesting feud based on their amateur backgrounds... In a year, when TNA is busted anyway,it won't be cos of him and he can roll on to Japan...

ComeOnVince 03-14-2017 03:58 PM

I personally think they should have gone with Smack Jagger.

I don't think Swagger is going to impact IMPACT in any way, good or bad. He'll be another mid-card ex-WWE guy that may get a push above his ability. It will be great for Jack, meaningless for Impact.

wrestlingmasters55 03-14-2017 05:02 PM

With all do respect for jim ross and as much as i love swagger as a performer, i don't really think it's a great idea to bring him into impact wrestling. This was the problem with Jarrett the first time around when he was in charge of creative, he relied too much on former WWE stars to carried the company, Just watch the joke that was the relaunch of TNA last week as an exemple of what not to do. You had recycled angles, you had both bruce prichard and dutch mantell tell you that the company sucked and especially Mantell, cutting a promo on all the guys that left and got more success in wwe then they ever had in TNA. So bringing in a guy that was so low on the totem poll in WWE would really make them look even more like a joke which they really don'T need right now.

It's Damn Real! 03-14-2017 05:27 PM

To clarify, the issue isn't the number of former WWE stars in the company, but how they are booked. RVD, ADR, Angle, etc. were all strapped to rockets and fired to the top of the TNA stratosphere, well past hard-working talents who'd been busting their backs for years just for the chance to prove they could offer something significant. Namely Styles, Daniels, Joe, and others, all of whom have moved on to prove exactly that.

Swagger can wrestle. I'm sure he'll be fine as a talent. But the concern I have is that he'd come in and step right over Impact's roster in the process. That is the issue. It sends a horrible message to the roster that they aren't good enough, which only breeds discontent, and fans have been screaming for years for them to stop. If Dutch's promo meant anything, I really hope they learn this time around.

If Swagger comes in, fine. If he comes in and steps over the likes of Bram, Eddie and/or Davey, or even Moose, it's going to make TNA look foolish.

Kamala316 03-14-2017 05:57 PM

How many times does Jim Ross have to remind us in one "message" that Swagger is a product of Oklahoma? Jesus Christ! In all his years in WWE, Swagger never improved (if anything, his in-ring work became very sloppy, with lots of botches), he's horrible on the mic, and what the hell is that face he would make when he came down the aisle/ramp, and pounded his chest? He looked absolutely ridiculous! To compare Jack Swagger to Kurt Angle is an absolute insult.

It's Damn Real! 03-14-2017 07:10 PM

The comparison is based on the amateur wrestling connection. I thought that was inferred well enough for someone not to get offended and accuse me of drawing a comparison between them as legendary personalities, but I guess not.

Jack-Hammer 03-14-2017 08:20 PM

Jim Ross has always been a fan of Jack Swagger and Swagger is a good hand to have, but he's not some game changer and I thought this was a strategy that Impact Wrestling was going to finally move away from.

Like IDR pointed out, if Swagger comes to Impact, that's fine, but I do think it sends the wrong sort of message if he pops up and is hot shot to the main event spot primarily because he's a former WWE guy. It's something the company has a long and detailed history of doing and it's not something they should go back to.

ABMorales787 03-14-2017 10:11 PM

Swagger is a guy who in the middle of a World title program toward Wrestlemania got caught smoking weed while driving. He announced he asked for his release and booked himself in events INSIDE his 90 day no-compete clause before he was even released. He can be as great an amateur wrestler as he wants. But it's pretty clear the man isn't exactly "clever".

Many guys strive greatly in the indies because of their smarts like Cody Rhodes, Drew Galloway and others. Personally, I see Swagger being another Ryback case where most mayor promotions would hardly care. Although, if I were wrong, that'd be nice for Swagger. I just doubt it'll happen.

Big Nick Dudley 03-15-2017 07:40 AM

TNA needs to create stars. If you can land a big WWE star, fine. Swagger, however, is not that. If he comes in as a mid-card guy, with Dutch as his manager, I'll be entertained, with 95% of that credit going to Dutch. I would focus more on creating your own talent.

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