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Slyfox696 07-13-2016 04:41 PM

What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?
Simply put, what video game are you currently really into? If you want, give a little description about it, in case you get can others interested in it.

As for me, I'm back into Minecraft. Built my own modpack a while back but just started playing it heavily again a week or two ago. Every now and then I mix in a little Call of Duty: World at War, though I just primarily play Zombie maps. They're hard on single player (especially for someone like me, who hasn't played them much), but they are still fun.

Before Minecraft, I was playing Rust pretty heavily. If you're not familiar with it, Rust is a multiplayer survival game, where you gather resources, build bases and kill other players with guns, rockets, etc.

Find'er Woo'er Ryder 07-13-2016 05:07 PM

Been playing Pokemon Yellow and Go. Yellow is a nuzLocke challenge. Pokemon Go Is the standard walk until I find a pidgey. Kinda bored with pokemon go as it seems like only route 1 pokemom are available. I have a few others but it took a while to find them but nothing major.

Also play left for dead 2 a lot on the Xbox one/360. Best zombie gsme imo. Pretty hard on difficult and it's best to play with friends.

Dagger Dias 07-13-2016 06:05 PM

I'm currently playing several.

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii U)
A remake of one of the very best in this legendary series. I love this new version. Highly recommended to anyone who missed out on the original one. I was in a bit of a rush to get through it on the original a decade ago so this time I am making it a priority to go about it at a relaxed pace so I can enjoy everything about this great game. The sidequests, the music, the graphics, just everything. No Zelda fan should miss out on it! I just got to the Lakebed Temple, so I still have enough left to keep me busy for the rest of summer.

Final Fantasy 6 (PC)
Another great remake that I'm working my way through. Has beautiful updated graphics and includes the new content from the GBA version that was not in the SNES version. I need to get back into this, my walkthrough that I was writing for it in another thread in this section left off right as the new Dragon Den sidequest starts. I took a break for a bit to play some other titles although I'll be jumping back into this shortly.

Final Fantasy 4 The After Years (PC)
This is a sequel to FF4, which was one of my personal favorites. It follows the original taking place a few years later where you get to play as the original playable cast as well as some of the next generation such as Cecil's son, Yang's daughter, to name a few. At first you do multiple origin chapters with each led by one of the main characters before everyone comes together in the final quest. It's worth looking into if you liked the original.

Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons & Oracle of Ages (GBC)
Replaying these again due to sudden nostalgia a couple of weeks ago. I liked them enough 15 years back to finish both and complete a linked game (Seasons to Ages). I'm loving them even more this time around and plan on getting the full experience by doing both potential linked games (Seasons to Ages, and Ages to Seasons). Not quite as great as the other Game Boy era title, Link's Awakening, but a fun couple of titles that are still fun to play today.

Earthbound Beginnings (NES)
Technically, I'm still playing this. I got it on the Wii U Virtual Console when it first got released last year, but I stopped at Mt Itoi to do some levelling up due to the colossal spike in difficulty that happens there. This is the prequel to Earthbound and although it is difficult to the point of being downright cruel at times, it has a number of hilarious moments too and lots of great 8 bit music. Recommended to all Earthbound fans. I plan on getting back into this one soon too.

Jeff Deliverer of Mail 07-13-2016 06:17 PM

Xbox One :

NHL 16
Elder Scrolls Online
Alien Isolation
C.O.D Black OPs 3
Minecraft (not much)

PS4 :

Witcher 3
Need for Speed Rivals
Uncharted 4 (Completed. Awesome game)

Slyfox696 07-13-2016 06:24 PM

Is Witcher 3 worth playing? I've seen a lot of hype for it, but I've never really looked into it.

Jeff Deliverer of Mail 07-13-2016 06:35 PM


Originally Posted by Slyfox696 (Post 5527107)
Is Witcher 3 worth playing? I've seen a lot of hype for it, but I've never really looked into it.

Honestly, the first couple of hours I really wasn't convinced or pulled into the game. The main character is basically Batman in a fantasy world, but he was the only interesting part for awhile. The more I play it though, the more it's growing on me. It's kind of a quasi Skyrim but with a great main character you couldn't create on your own. I'm not crazy about the camera as it seems to be on a jet engine track. Some enemies/bosses are all HP and not much of a challenge. But I highly suggest breaking off from the main story and just going off on your own to explore the huge, huge map.

OYDK 07-13-2016 06:37 PM


Originally Posted by Slyfox696 (Post 5527107)
Is Witcher 3 worth playing? I've seen a lot of hype for it, but I've never really looked into it.

Massive open world.
Lots of RP.
Lots to do.
Awesome combat system.

I've spent probably over 150 hours playing the thing and haven't gotten bored. If you don't care about a particularly strong story, I'd highly recommend it.

As for what I'm playing now, just finishing up Far Cry 4. I found 3 much more enjoyable.

Jeff Deliverer of Mail 07-13-2016 07:22 PM

I forgot Smite for Xbox One. Even though I haven't found a god I really like yet, the game keeps drawing me back. Played it awhile ago but quit due to getting destroyed by everyone online. I still get ruled but I'll plug away anyway.

smizzy 07-13-2016 07:23 PM

I've been playing Battlefront exclusively for 6 months. The DLCs have been great and if you love the movie franchise you'll love the game as it stays true.

Aeon Mathix 07-14-2016 02:09 AM

Witcher 3 is definitely worth it. I agree it took me a bit to get into but once the ball starts rolling you can't put it down. Just endless amounts of stuff to do.

I am kind of in limbo with my games as i am mostly jumping back and forth between WWE 2k16 and Rocket League. I don't have a lot of free time for now so it's just quick ones for the moment. I definitely will have more time for when Final Fantasy XV comes out in September. Looking forward to No Man's Sky, but I doubt I'll be able to put as much into that one as I want to.

Smizzy, I've seen horrible and great reviews online for Battlefront. Huge fan of the series and I think it looks great and the price isn't too steep either now. Should I pick it up? what are the pros and cons?

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