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Mighty NorCal 02-03-2016 08:08 PM

NXT Review and Aftermath Thread
Its time.


What the fuck, I thought the Vaudvillians were gonna get the new menacing music?

Carmella and Emma had a rather disappointing match. Nothing "NXT" about, would have been very average divas match t any level.

Oh yea!! Finn Balor is on NXT! Boy, he and Crewes sure headlocked, chinlocked an arm locked the hell out of each other didnt they. Londos would have been proud.

Not a great show by NXT standards.

ヒュー G. レックション 02-05-2016 09:09 AM

I thought the show was great. I'm glad Vaudevillians won, they'll turn heel soon, of that I've no doubt! I LOVED Asuka's match, it was a great squash and showcase of her character and abilities, though I'll be honest I've never really been fond of that running ass move she does. I also think her jacket is too big for her she looks very awkward walking around in it.

Speaking of jackets, Finn Balor's... All that posing he does opening and closing his jacket in time with his music looks stupid, I'm fine with the throwing up the hands thing as it involves crowd participation but his jacket antics are too excessive. He should put the collar down on it too.
Joe's "promo" if you can call it that, was great.

Crews and Balor was good, I liked how much technical work was in it. And since. AJ has come to WWE guess Balor feels like he can bring back Bloody Sunday.

Uncle Sam 02-05-2016 12:52 PM

I've a bone to pick about how the main event this week was advertised at the top of the show. A question: what exactly is a title-free match? Do you mean a non-title match, i.e. how a match in which a title is not being contested has been described since the invention of titles?

Mojo Rawley, in the opening tag match, actually got something approaching a positive reaction. Whether it was the Rawley Section, or whatever he calls it when a dozen of his mates show up wearing his merch, I can't say. Considering the dead air when he was doing his house of fire routine, maybe it was. The Vaudevillains are overdue a call-up. WWE's tag roster is so threadbare that you'll never be able to convince me they couldn't use more bodies, particularly ones with such a novel gimmick as The Vaudevillains.

Is Carmella still supposed to be a hairdresser-turned-wrestler? There'd be more heat to her imminent encounter with Bayley if you ran it under a warm tap. No wonder it was felt they couldn't put it on a Takeover. Having her do her own introduction on the way to the ring, while no doubt an attempt to ignite some interest, really emphasized the tiers of popularity that exist in NXT. Enzo Amore she ain't. A pity - she's talented in her own right. That said, I think I blacked out a bit during her match with Emma. And a ripple of polite applause did ring out.

How a man who spent a decade in a mask yelling in broken Spanglish became so good at promos is anyone's guess. This week wasn't a shining example but, you know, generally. Samoa Joe's aggressive lunge made a clearer statement.

Having Enzo and Cass on the same show as Carmella, driving ever more nails into her coffin, seems cruel. Enzo Amore: concerete proof that the least important part of professional wrestling is wrestling. If The New Day ever get bored of fighting the same guys in facepaint every month and if ever they need to play heels a team more interesting than themselves, and they do, Enzo and Cass are just a plane flight away.

William Regal was a spectacular general manager in 2001 and he's a spectacular general manager fifteen years later.

Putting Asuka on the same show as Carmella! You utter bastards.

Apollo Crews trying to emote is perhaps more painful than when he would smile all of the time. Finn seems like Marlon Brando in comparison. Remember when I thought I was going to get Finn Balor vs. Apollo Crews in London and went absolutely apeshit? Well, this was the match I feared would happen. NXT Headlock TakeOver London.

Mighty NorCal 02-11-2016 07:33 AM


Atmosphere wasn't helped as much by being at UCF as I expected. EVetrything looked real good, but I expected a rowdier crowd. I would still like this to become the "home" Takeover venue, and keep Full Sail for the TVs. I think that would be a good balance.

Corbin's entrance looked awesome in this arena, and that was a damn fun little match between he and Johnny Wrestling.

Cameron Vs Alexa Bliss was.....Really fucking strange, but oh well. For their part the crowd really got into this by the end.

Loved the go-home segment, super hot finish with interesting angles all over the place....Once again doing the unthinkable for a womens division.

Much better show than last week. Good look, fun atmosphere, and seeds being planted.

Piss Bucket 02-11-2016 02:13 PM

Well I've just watched last night's show, at the end of the main event, which was excellent, I thought I saw Carmella win because Bayley's shoulders were down during the final pin fall, but I guess I saw it wrong.

Looking forward to the Sami Zayn against Samoa Joe match next week, should be a cracker that one.

Uncle Sam 02-11-2016 04:49 PM


Originally Posted by Mighty NorCal (Post 5412691)

I thought this was your score of the show at first and was wondering if something had gone horribly awry. With you, not NXT - it was a pretty good show.

Gable, Jordon, Enzo and Cass sharing the screen was an unexpected treat.

The most pleasant surprise, however, goes to Carmella's title shot. Not an all-time classic, like many matches involving Bayley and the title, but much better than the wet fart I was fearing. Much, much better (i.e. good).

A new challenger approaches...

ヒュー G. レックション 02-11-2016 06:31 PM

Bliss seemed so pissed off at Cameron I loved it!

I also really enjoyed Bayley and Carmella's match, Bayley has an amazing character but she really is such a great wrestler too. Total package and one that is unique too. Carmella held her own as well, her best match thus far.

Joe vs Zayn... As much as I love Zayn and the idea of Balor vs Zayn, I think Joe will win. Balor I think will drop the title to Joe. I just can't see Balor dropping it to another top face. Unless Balor himself turns in his match with Zayn. I'd really like Balor to be the one who took out Hideo.

Jack-Hammer 02-12-2016 09:01 AM

The low point of the show for me was Elias Sampson. I know he's only his 2nd or 3rd match on NXT, so I'm not throwing him under the bus yet, I just don't get a positive vibe out of the guy. Truthfully, my impressions of the guy are that he's just flat out dull and this gimmick of his being a wandering street musician who can kick ass sounds like the main character from some direct to DVD release from WWE films.

Mighty NorCal 02-17-2016 08:04 PM

Feb 17,

I was a bit disappointed with what seemed to be a somewhat docile reaction for Enzo and Cass. Fine 8 man tag match.

Very happy to see Deonna Purazzo back. She is one of the indy talents I find most interesting, and I hope her and Santana Garrett get signed for good. The division could use more depth and capable workers.

DAMN FINE match between Joe and Zayn. Their chemistry continues to grow, and I can see their impending blow-off match being a MOTY canidate.

FromTheSouth 02-17-2016 10:17 PM

I'm disappointed that Carmella wasn't out there. Setting up a second tier feud in the Women's division should be a priority. Bliss and Carmella are athletic enough to raise some interest. That division has two stories: Bayley vs. The World and Askura is weird. They had a secondary feud going with Askura and Dana Brooke, but Dana's injury put that to bed. Carmella was impressive against Bayley and Bliss is a capable worker, constantly improving. I watched her title match vs. Banks and then her match vs. Bayley and there is a world of difference in story telling. If they're going to make her heel (which is a huge mistake), they should use her.

Also, Big Cass is VKM's wettest dream. A big man who can move and talk a bit? He's Craig Morgan +50 IQ points and oiled up joints. I'm excited for he and Enzo to debut, reportedly, at Fast Lane.

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