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K Web V3 08-20-2015 01:18 AM

Get to Know Logan McAllister(And K Web V3)
So kinda bored, and had been waiting to get a win before starting this, but fuck it.

Basically I'm up to talk about whatever. whether it's in character, out of character, dont matter.

Definitely down to talk about sports/wrestling/games/music but anything on your mind lemme know!

Quick Facts:
Favorite NFL team-Dolphins
Favorite NBA team-Celtics
Favorite MLB team-Red Sox
Favorite NHL team-Canucks
Favorite Game Genre-RPGs/Sports

Hope to see some posts.....If not, oh well haha

John McCass 08-20-2015 01:27 AM

Do you watch animes?

K Web V3 08-20-2015 01:31 AM


Originally Posted by CassaNova (Post 5267901)
Do you watch animes?

No not really. Never could get into them ever really. You'd think since I'm a huge rpg fan, n alot of those having anime similarities I would, but nah.

John McCass 08-20-2015 01:33 AM

A bit rude but when would you get rid of the facebook language?

K Web V3 08-20-2015 01:35 AM

Approximately 95% of my posts r via my cell, so probably never.

K Web V3 08-20-2015 01:36 AM

Also, I don't have Facebook, so no idea what "Facebook language" is tbh

Bernkastel 08-20-2015 01:37 AM


Originally Posted by K Web V3 (Post 5267907)
Approximately 95% of my posts r via my cell, so probably never.

I'd say at least a good 30% of my posts are on my phone.

John McCass 08-20-2015 01:39 AM

I always use my phone, besides when I write RP.

K Web V3 08-20-2015 01:40 AM

It's just easier in my case. I'm on here more via cell than anything. In fact only time I use my laptop was when I was trying to get to 40 posts to apply, all my rps, n starting this thread haha

JamJam 08-20-2015 01:52 AM

Noticing your favorite NBA team and it totally contradicts your location :p But anyway, of the sports you listed, which sport are you a bigger fan of? I'm a NBA fan mostly with MLB a close second. Another question would be is if you own a game console(s)?

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