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CM Steel 11-11-2012 01:31 AM

Did you prefer Vince & Shane or Vince vs Shane?
Vincent Kennedy McMahon & Shane Brandon McMahon: Sports entertainments favorite father & son team. Or were. Shane McMahon was brought into WWF/E TV in 1998 on RAW the night we finally saw Mr. McMahon vs Stone Cold Steve Austin one on one. Before Dude Love messed everything up. And later on that year on the debut episode of Sunday Night Heat. And as the guy you "rehired" Stone Cold Steve Austin back in the WWF. Who would later that year at Survivor Series betrayed Stone Cold "screwing" him out of the WWF championship siding with his father Vince.

But we've seen (who can remember and were there) both Vince & Shane lock horns against each other. Like at their street fight match at Wrestlemania 17 in Houston, Texas in where Shane beat his pops. And later on that year with the Alliance angle featuring Stephanie McMahon (Levesque). Since then Vince & Shane made peace on WWE TV as the McMahon "Dynamic Duo". Like when Shane helped his dad win the WWECW championship (with the late Umaga) against Bobby Lashley. Now Shane has left the WWE to be his own man in the business world. Leaving Triple H to take his rightful spot as the heir to the WWE chairman seat.

But during those crazy McMahon times in the WWF/E. Did you prefer Vince & Shane or Vince vs Shane? Because there's not alot of new generation superstars can say that they "beat up their daddy at a Wrestlemania".

HBsam31 11-11-2012 06:17 PM

Vince vs Shane for me. Who could forget Shane going coast to coast smashing the steel chair into his dads face. Those two really took it to each other, and that match also gave us Linda standing up out of her catatonic state lol to slap the hell out of Vince. That still makes me laugh to this day. Not to mention the number of jokes Vince made about Shane being a product of his seed from Vince's abnormally large family jewels lol. When they fought it seemed like they naturally hated each other, and although I liked the together too, I much preferred to see them fighting.

Kodo Sawaki 11-11-2012 07:37 PM

Against each other

Who could forget "What is the fate of WCW". Mr. Mcmahon in all his heel glory and Shane who comes out for nowhere to spoil it. :)


Chris1-16 11-12-2012 12:59 PM


Corporation FTW!

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