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StunningBlackMamba24 11-09-2012 10:04 PM

WWE Slammy Awards 2012?
Im sorry if anyone had posted a thread about this already, but I was told in one article that WWE may not be doing the slammy awards. Though it is not advertised yet. I do want it to happen. Its the night where we could go back and have a flashback over the year and think about the best moment. What do you guys think about this? Did WWE make a mistake if they canceled it? I was really also dissapointed with the discontinuation of the WWE Draft, which is the best part of the WWE year.So what are ur thoughts? Should WWE keep the slammys?

Albert T 11-09-2012 11:00 PM

If they devote the Slammy's to consistent awards that aren't made up just to blatantly give away the winner, then they should go right ahead and have the Slammy's.

ProWrestlingFan 11-10-2012 05:16 AM

Slammy awards suck. All they do is give the award to whoever they want and rig the polls. I mean, what is the point of a fake award show for a fake show?

And if they do Slammy Awards then the only categories should be :

Match of the Year

Best Moment of the year.

Best move of the year

Best Diva of the year and

Best Wrestler of the year.

Jack-Hammer 11-10-2012 06:17 AM

I don't get anything out of the Slammy Awards personally. If they actually felt relevant and WWE focused some real attention on them and actually treated them as if they were a big deal, then it might be a different story.

The Slammy Award Raws have been three hour Raws that've not only very much dragged by but have generally been filled with stupid comedy skits or moments. I remember when Dennis Miller was the guest host for Raw a few years back. The guy was beyond awful and his jokes sound like something that'd only be funny to anyone that reads the dictionary for amusement.

If WWE wants to bring a gimmick special to Raw in the three hour era, I'd much rather see King of the Ring brought back. If nothing else, at least we'd get good wrestling matches out of the show.

Steve-O-Matt 11-10-2012 01:24 PM


Originally Posted by ProWrestlingFan (Post 4196433)
Slammy awards suck. All they do is give the award to whoever they want and rig the polls. I mean, what is the point of a fake award show for a fake show?

And if they do Slammy Awards then the only categories should be :

Match of the Year

Best Moment of the year.

Best move of the year

Best Diva of the year and

Best Wrestler of the year.

Yeah, I have be to with this guy as most of us are, they only need consistency to make the awards relevant, other wise, what is the point?

I would say instead of 'Best Moment', maybe 'Most Shocking Moment' and maybe 'Breakout Superstar of the Year'. Other then that I can't think of why make so stupid fucking sections when they all mean the same thing. Remember last year?

Slash-LN 11-10-2012 01:51 PM

The only time the Slammy awards were relevant to me was when Owen Hart used it as part of his gimmick.

I agree with ProWrestlingFan though. If they were to have them then they should have consistent awards. With that they shouldn't be rigged. They should be voted by the fans and they should use the real results and not just give them to whoever they want to give them to.

I won't miss them if they never have them again though.

stonecoldstv86 11-10-2012 02:26 PM

The Slammy Awards as of late is just another thing that shows Vince thinks all wrestling fans are morons.

And the winner is..... oh you just happen to have a match next or just had a match. Or Punk just happens to carry around dumie that was dressed as Johnny Aces old wrestling gimmick. Then the really stupid idea that the diva of the year is crowned by winning a battle royal.

Basically they became just a stupid way to get from one point to another in the show or to do with some skit. Which they would have to come up with some stupid catagories.

As others have said if they are going to do it they need to have awards that mean something and are always there which pretty much would only be about 5.

Now I will take it to a new idea. Seeing that it would only be 5 awards which could be given out in like an half hour. They could actually bring back the Cyber Sunday PPV concept which they tried to do on Raw a little while back. But make it, weather it on Raw or PPV, an all Viewers choice show. But Vince would have to make it where people would actually care about it and where we could get some great matches out of it again. Not the ones where you have the pick that you know WWE knows everyone would go for and they are agenst like 2 jobbers.

#MrScissorsKick 11-10-2012 03:17 PM

Last years Slammy's were a joke....wait, no, every year it's a joke. Not a hater i'd like the Slammy's more if they were to be actual categories. These are 5 categories that i would use if i were to run the slammy awards:

Best Wrestler

Champion of the year - (meaning which champion had the best reign or whatnot)

PPV Of the Year

Match of the Year

Feud of the Year

Those are 5 pretty basic categories but no need to have more than that.

Look at these ridiculous categorys in past Slammy Awards:

OMG Moment of the Year

Superstar Transformation of the Year

T-Shirt of the Year

Despicable Me Award

Frequent Tweeter Award

Those awards were from the past 2 years. I know the WWE is part entertainment so I can see that this is a big part of the entertainment aspect but come on, some/most of these are garbage and terrible made up awards. These have nothing to do with talent in the ring or anything like that. Frequent Tweeter Award ? WTH? Really? Does it really matter who tweets the most? Better question, does anyone care? I don't. Don't get me wrong here, I think the Slammy Awards can be real entertaining but at least get some actual wrestling awards. Puh-leeaassseeee.

StunningBlackMamba24 11-10-2012 04:15 PM

Thank you very much for ur opinions. Now Im starting to get it. And thanks for no harsh comments. There were some parts I kinda enjoyed last year in the slammys. Kane's masked return, Christians return, Road Dogg's return, Punk winning the superstar of the year, and yet mysterios return. Though the crowd was terrible.

Dagger Dias 11-10-2012 04:26 PM

I would be in favor of WWE keeping the Slammy Awards show, provided they give us awards and nominees that are worth watching for. For instance, if they run a match of the year award then Undertaker VS Triple H at Wrestlemania better be one of the nominees. WWE has had some awful editions of the Slammy Awards in the past. It has the potential to be one of the coolest shows of the year if they take it a little more seriously and give the fans a reason to look forward to it. Another big problem is that the Slammy awards do not feel like they are worth winning. Someone wins a Slammy, big deal. What do they get for it? More often than not, it seems like nothing. A little bit of bragging rights is fine, although shouldn't there be more that happens as a result?

Then we have useless awards like "Superstar of the year". Seriously, I cannot recall a single time when that award ever got anyone anything. I also recall Maria winning Diva of the year once. If WWE plan on doing the Slammys again then they need to get their act together. Give us a more realistic and more serious feel to the show. The awards need to be types of awards the fans would actually want to see, the nominees need to fit the criteria too. You'd think that wouldn't be too hard, but this is the creative team we are talking about. Here's an idea.... If someone wins a Slammy, they can earn a title shot or something. Make the Slammys MATTER! Then the fans will care, and it will be more successful. Or the more likely scenario being that WWE have it be discontinued silently, and just let it stay in the past so we can move on.

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