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Hard Hit Prince 11-09-2012 01:13 PM

Is Monday Night Raw killing SmackDown?
This is not about merging brands or do some shitty idea with one single title or whatever. It's a legit question since Raw moved up to three hours, and maybe even before that when HHH declared that Raw would be from now forward a "Supershow" with the brands being mixed up in the Monday Night Shows. Some loved the idea, others hated it but the fact of the matter is that the idea is still being used, and now even more with the third hour added to Raw.

As many of you may have seen SmackDown scored last Tuesday a 1.54 television rating, and that is one of their lowest in a long time. I know that Tuesday was election day and everybody was paying attention to Obama and Romney but we can't just forget that SmackDown is losing a lot of viewers per week, it has been a downhill spiral since Raw moved up to three hours and the SmackDown quality as really reached to the bottom of the pit, I mean they give us good pro-wrestling shows but the storylines are very very weak, with them being more built at Raw than on SmackDown.

So is the B-Show dying? I still watch it, but a lot of people just stopped to watch it because they can see what is really going on by watching only Raw and I kinda start to agree with them. SmackDown has four matches, maybe five if you put a squash in the middle, and two/three backstage segments and that's it, the same formula over and over again. The title isn't even defended in their show, Raw does not even hypes it anymore so, once again is SmackDown dying?

Please feel free to give your opinion and answer to the poll. If you don't watch SmackDown say the reasons and if you do, say what moves you to watch it.

XXJJ 11-09-2012 02:07 PM

The 1.54 rating is a little better than their last Live Smackdown. I thought it would of been a lot worse considering it was election night. The Orton/Christian cage match and the Henry/Bryan title match were the two times where live smackdown drew better ratings. The rest of the Live Smackdown shows drew lower ratings than what they usually do on Friday nights. They seemed to have built an audience that is used to watching Smackdown on Friday.

I still watch both, but yes the 3 hour Raw's are killing Smackdown. They are not doing much from a storyline standpoint on SD lately. They keep repeating matches and ideas too. Depite being good matches, I have no interest in seeing Barrett vs Orton or Sheamus at a PPV. I have seen it plenty of times on tv lately. They just repeated the same thing that PTP/Sin Cara & Mysterio did on SD with The Rhodes Scholars and Team Hell No on Raw. It does make it tough to watch if you watch both shows.

It will make both shows better if Raw goes back to 2 hours. Hopefully, they will give Smackdown some fresh new angles.

RD_21 11-09-2012 02:21 PM

I don't watch Smackdown most of the time. In fact I can barely watch Raw and Impact as it is because there's just too much (dull) wrestling on TV and so little time.

They need to become interesting again and they need to drop the number of shows they have per week and I'm not even talking about dropping Raw back to 2 hours.

Even if the wrestling is good on Smackdown (don't know if it is) I can't get myself to watch it most of the time because it's either a reharsh or Raw or it will be reharsh on the next Raw.

If they want people to watch Smackdown they need to enforce the split and make it so that you see certain wrestler ONLY if you watch the show they are on. They should also think about switching Cena to Smackdown so I will not have to see him and the people who really want to see him will switch to Smackdown! and it would increase the rating of Smackdown.

Pink Hole Slam 11-09-2012 03:00 PM

The problem with SmackDown! is that the focal point of the show is the World Heavyweight Title. There is dwindling interest in Randy Orton's shtick, seeing Alberto Del Rio come up short, and seeing Big Show act as a monster heel for the millionth time. What else is there to be interested in on SmackDown? A RAW recap?

Shrinking SD! ratings also give you a glimpse into where the WWE would be without CM Punk or John Cena at this point.

AttitudeChild 11-09-2012 03:01 PM

Monday Night Raw is basically just SmackDown right now. Besides the CM Punk, John Cena and Brad Maddox stuff everything else is a SmackDown storyline. Team Rhodes Scholars, PTP, Rey & Cara, Team Hell, 3MB and all the other tag teams are made up of SmackDown Superstars. The Intercontinental title is a SmackDown championship and the US title is held by a SmackDown Superstar. The Divas title storyline belongs to SmackDown(As well do most of the Divas). Orton, Berrate, Sheamus, Show and Del Rio? I mean come on. If anything, Raw isn't killing SmackDown, SmackDown is saving Raw.

Redemption-2012 11-09-2012 03:19 PM

Firstly, yes I watch both weekly. Secondly, I like to watch smackdown because it can actually be entertaining and it kills a good 2 hours, which you have nothing else to do with. The problem for smackdown is that it's the B show nowadays. It's been that way since 2006 to now and it isnt good for smackdown. If they continue to bury smackdown and its title, then smackdown is going to die a slow death.

They treat the world title as it were the b title, which isn't good because it makes stars like Sheamus, big show and orton look weak. They need to keep pushing the Sheamus/big show storyline. The world title picture should be going strong in early 2013, with Dolph Ziggler cashing In the mitb briefcase soon enough. Also orton and Sheamus, wade Barrett winning the world title.

The smackdown picture should be heating up soon enough.

Jack-Hammer 11-09-2012 03:27 PM

It sounds as though you don't really follow the ratings SD! usually does and just happened to really pay attention this one particular time because of a bad rating.

On Friday nights, SmackDown! always averages in the high 1s and low 2s for ratings. the SD! for this past Friday drew a 1.94 Nielsen Rating with 2,878,000 viewers according to tvbythenumbers.com. The previous SD! drew a 1.96 Nielsen Rating with 2,820,000 viewers. The one before that drew a 2.04 and over 2,900,000 viewers.

SmackDown! is doing just fine. Even on what could be considered "slow night" in terms of ratings for the show, it draws around 2.7 million viewers.

I very much expected SD! this Tuesday to draw a poor rating. Election Night is the reason why. According to the same site, the broadcast networks of NBC, ABC, CBS & Fox drew a combined total of roughly 34,260,000 viewers. When you factor in all the numbers the various cable news channels did on the same night, you come up with about the same number, maybe a bit more and maybe a bit less. So, all in all, that's somewhere around 70,000,000 people watching election coverage. Even Tuesday night powerhouse shows like Sons of Anarchy took a pretty solid hit in the ratings department.

With the exception of the first Super SmackDown! specials on Tuesday, the showings on Friday have always equaled or exceeded the other specials of the show. That's why SD! hasn't gone live on Tuesdays. About this time a year ago, there was major talk of taking the blue brand live every Tuesday, those live SD! specials were a test to see how the show did on Friday. Since the show has better results being shown on Fridays, and taped for that matter, the WWE has kept it on Fridays and kept it taped. It's cheaper than running a live show.

Why Vince wanted to have a SD! this past Tuesday, I'll never know. He had to know the show would get creamed in the ratings. On top of it all, this Super SmackDown! wasn't even live as it'd been taped in Birmingham, England.

These numbers aren't anything to worry about. If the show had been pulling this numbers for a while on Friday while taped, then it'd be something for WWE to worry about.

I watch both shows each week. The fact that not as many people don't watch SD! of Friday as Raw on Monday doesn't surprise me. Friday is the end of the work week for tons of people and Friday is statistically the night when more people go out than any other night of the week. On cable televsion, SD! is pretty frequently the #1 show on cable television on Friday nights. Even on the nights it isn't, it's almost always at least in the top 3 or 4.

Slash-LN 11-09-2012 03:38 PM

I don't think it's killing Smackdown. Smackdown has always been the b show and will be treated as such. Smackdown being more wrestling based isn't really anything new. Over the history of Smackdown it has seemingly had better wrestling than Raw tends to have. Raw tends to be the more storyline driven show.

I wouldn't look too much into the Tuesday rating. People were likely watching the election coverage, didn't remember that there was a live special or will watch tonight.

I will say though I get annoyed that they have so many Raw recaps. There are times where I think about skipping Raw for the week because I know they'll show the recap on Smackdown anyway.

Sexcellence of Sexecution 11-09-2012 03:54 PM

One of the big problems with SmackDown is that its not positioned as an equal to RAW in any way. RAW is called the "SuperShow", its 3 hours, and its the place where all the major angles go down. In the earlier days of the brand split (2002-2004 approximately), SmackDown was pushed as more of an equal to RAW, with its own distinct feel. The brands were perceived as being on the same level. Now, SmackDown is clearly perceived as the B-Show while RAW is the "flagship" and ultimately this hurts SmackDown and further cheapens the already highly cheapened brand split concept. Basically, there's no point to watching SmackDown other than seeing some wrestling matches with lesser stars, because nothing of major importance to a main storyline is likely to occur there...and as I've said before, the angles are what draw, not the matches. If the brand split were to be ended completely, and you had stars like Cena and Punk appearing on both RAW and SmackDown, you used RAW to promote SmackDown more, and there was more of a fluent storyline connection between RAW and SmackDown overall, you would likely see a SmackDown ratings increase. Yes, the 1.5 rating from Tuesday was because of the election coverage no doubt, but the current average SmackDown ratings around 1.9 are still not that great and could realistically be increased to the lower-mid 2s on a regular basis. SmackDown will never do RAW numbers, but it can definitely do better than what it's doing currently.

HBKistheHOF 11-09-2012 07:07 PM

Well not to sound like some "smart-mark" jerk but the very title is ironic & completely impossible since Smackdown wouldn't exist without RAW but I see your point. RAW was already the "flagship" program for WWE then they change it to RAW Supershow & eventually the 3-hour RAW Supershow!!

So yeah it has became a little overwhelmingly obvious that Smackdown is the ugly step-child now since ECW on SciFi is no more. But overall Smackdown could realisitcally be on par with RAW. They are known for usually having better & longer matches & I think their overall roster especially in the main event picture is much better.

I watch both RAW & Smackdown online & only watch the parts I want to, sometimes watching just as much Smackdown as RAW. I think the problem stems from 1 main reason & that is the lack of care & passion put into the Smackdown product from the likes of VKM that translates to the writers & producers of Smackdown. Because the things that they drop the ball on the most on Smackdown IMO is repeating something too much or dropping something they were running with. WWE acts like Smackdwon is just the RAW post-show & it usally features the same stories from RAW rehashed or some pointless macth or segment that has nothing to do with anything. And the only story that is almost fully Smackdowns like Show/Sheamus or Sheamus/DelRio the SD creative team either shows a huge lack of creativity & interest or RAW capitalizes on the feud.

They are heading in the right direction with the Orton/DelRIo Last Man Standing Match that was only on SD & taping it Live. Those are the things that make SD important. They need to keep up making the audience believe what happens on Smackdown matters & will impact RAW, PPV's, & the rest of the WWE product.

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